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  1. Hi there! I had an outbreak just a small one 3 weeks ago almost a month ago and I’m still itching and I don’t know why or how to stop it. Using diaper cream doesn’t help and I even bought Dermoplast and It won’t stop itching. When will this go away?
  2. This is how I feel. I’ll never be able to live a normal life. It saddens me and I finally found the love of my life.... I wonder why did this have to happen to me.
  3. I thought u couldn’t because the person has the strain already in their body? Well maybe that’s a myth and you can still during an outbreak but avoiding outbreaks altogether.
  4. If someone has HSV 1 Genital can you pass that to someone who has HSV 1 oral to their genitals?
  5. Currently using condoms and on daily antivirals.... but what is the transmission rate for no condom use but still on antivirals? Thanks
  6. @Konfucious how long did you apply Barmicil and it went away?
  7. I have been thinking about seeing someone to talk to like a therapist. This might help Stan cope with the diagnosis and situation (and yourself).
  8. I would like to know if it was a swab test or Igg as well. Your story is almost similar to mine except that I still don't know who my giver is. I was in a 6 year relationship then ex and I broke up for 3 months. During the 3 months I slept with a friend unprotected. My ex and I got back together and friend moved on, he's now living in California. Mine didn't happen soon but first OB almost 6-10 months later. I never had any symptoms of HSV in my entire life. Ex won't get tested and denies any symptoms. Friend we never talked again. I was devastated, didn't go to work, cried all the time. Till this day I'm still coping but it has gotten a little better. Takes time and you and him will go thru all the levels of emotions. I have to keep reminding myself it doesn't change me as a person.
  9. The same thing happen to me! For MC still battling it. :( my ex gave me both.
  10. I feel the same way. Before I go to sleep I think of herpes and when I wake up I think of herpes. When men talk to me I feel like a liar. I don't know when this feeling will go away. It's the worst thing that could have happened. It's constantly on my mind and I think it's because there is no cure and it's here to stay for life. It's depressing and I cry :(
  11. I was just diagnosed with HSV2 and this post gives me hope! I am devastated.
  12. I do recall one time my ex said he had an ingrown hair and it was causing him pain now that I think about it I think it was herpes.
  13. I still would have never thought this would happen to me :/ the cards you are dealt with. Dating was already difficult before now it was be that much more difficult.
  14. Even more so in shape now than before H is what I wanted to say!
  15. Thank you @hikingGirl I checked out the website and do you happen to know how much the test costs? Also I realized something the skin disease doesn't stop me from being me and I can't let it alter my life. I'm a very active person and have been competing this entire year and now I found out I have this but I can't let it stop me because as of currently I'm in The best shape of my life! Even more so than when I was in my young 20s! I have ran 5 half marathons this year and planning to finish out the rest of the year with a bang. Last night I thought of different ways to disclose in a confident way then I woke up this morning and realized herpes can't let it change me because I'm still me at the end of the day and you only live once! We will see about this though when I get rejected and hopefully I do not.
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