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  1. @nobody555, I really appreciate that. Some days are harder than others but you’re right, I am amazing and have so much to offer. I know without a doubt that he deserves to know because I don’t want to hurt him when he has done nothing wrong to me. We have sincere conversations and we are able to talk like true adults. He is truly worthy of knowing all of me as I want to continue to learn about him.
  2. This was helpful @nobody555. That’s makes sense and it doesn’t have to exactly answer my question to get something out of it. You were right when you said a lot of us didn’t have a choice, and that’s why I’m so concerned because he is such an amazing man and he deserves to know and to decide. I know I will tell him it’s just when. I told him a similar situation with a friend and he was sincere so I I won’t hold it from him.
  3. Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed with HSV 1&2 two year ago and to be exact it was February 14, 2018. It wasn’t great and during the time when I told my boyfriend he did not take it well and the relationship wasn’t healthy at all. Two years later, here I am talking to this AMAZING guy who is different from any past experience. We are taking our time and getting to know each other. It’s been about 3 months (23rd) and though we don’t talk about having sex when that time comes it would be helpful to know what to say (since in my past relationships it hasn’t gone well). What are
  4. Hi, I love to success stories. I’m 25 years old and I have had HSV 1&2 since February 2018. I found out on Valentines Day and the experience with my boyfriend wasn’t great. However now it’s been 2 years and I have been getting to know this guy for 3 months now. It’s not a long time and sex has not come up. I want to tell him because he’s amazing but we aren’t at that place to do that (or maybe we are). We take things slow which I appreciate because I haven’t had that in past relationships. How did you know it was the right time to tell him at 4 months?
  5. Thank you Sarah. I appreciate your responses and honesty in giving me advice of how to move forward.
  6. Sarahsfocus, not sure if you read any previous messages but he is coming over today and I said I am going to tell him today because I rather do it face to face.
  7. Yes, I do. Is that the same as valacyclovir. If I may ask how is that different from any other suppressive therapy with exposure?
  8. We had sex, but I do not think I exposed him to anything. I just want to have the conversation with him face to face versus through text. He is coming over tomorrow.
  9. Hi VhYolo, I have to talked to him everyday since and tomorrow will make a month having conversation. I haven’t disclosed to him as we only became sexual that one time, however if he /we decide we want to be sexual again, I have found a comfortable way to disclose. This is what I plan on saying: “ I was exposed to a versus that cause me to have a skin condition. The medical term is HSV but it is also called herpes. I take medication for it everyday and since I’ve been exposed i haven’t exposed anyone else and I would not like to expose you either.”
  10. Hi Everyone, Ive been diagnosed with HSV-1 & HSV-2 for over a year now and I have just got back into the dating scene. I took most of the year clearing my mind, educating myself and wrapping my head around how to live with this and continue my life. I met this guy. He’s African American, I don’t know if that matters but we had a couple drinks and became sexual. I feel awful now because I didn’t tell him before him that I have a virus named herpes. How do you disclose? What do you say? How do you say it? I really need tips.
  11. Thanks @kinator and @amber1326. I’m taking all of this into consideration. I think I’m going to try the one I have once more to see if I react to it and I’ll try not to shave too close. However, I have been looking at other trimmers that may potentially work better.
  12. I’ve been a carrier since February. It’s more so when I’m laying on my side or if something rubs against it like my underwear/pants, but it’s not my pants all the time. I try to wear cotton or yoga pants. I’ve heard of prodrome symptoms but I’m not exactly sure what that is. However it’s more consistent when I’m applying pressure to that side like when I’m laying down. I don’t normally have an outbreak following, if I do I don’t really notice it. My first one was February when I first became a carrier, the second one from shaving/stress and the last one was from getting in the pool right after
  13. Hi everyone, I have both HSV 1& 2 and I have a question about it. So my first outbreak was in the labia major (outer labia) and even when I don’t have an outbreak if I lay on that particular side or wear a certain pair of jeans it gives me a weird feeling. I’m not sure what that means or what that is. It’s somewhat hard to explain.
  14. Thank you @rainyfeather. Everyday I’m getting stronger and feeling good about the decision to end the relationship because I kept believing and was under the impression that he would be the only one willing to be with me because I have herpes. I have to stop thinking that way because he was just becoming toxic.
  15. Thanks @Dallyd. I can admit that it is the fear of rejection because it took awhile to just get to the level of self-esteem that I have now. Having to say “xxxx, I have herpes” is just an added level of rejection to lower my self-esteem. I can say that I can look in the mirror and still like the person I see, I just don’t know how to properly deliver the message.
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