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Is it True that you can get infected with HSV1 Twice in different locations?????????????

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Thanks for your reply.  It seems, I have both Ghsv1 and Oral HSV1.   Do you know of any additional info I can use to get some idea on how frequent outbreaks are?  SO far, I have had only a single/first GHSV1 outbreak which was nearly 2 years ago and recently a few days ago I got a cold sore for the first time in my life. It must of been inside my body for a long time and just now it gave me sore in my lips/mouth area.  I want to talk to individuals who has both HSV1, and Id like to know how often they get outbreaks in either places.

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I have oral hsv1. I get a cold sore every couple of years. I started getting them 10 years ago and Ive only had four. 3 times seemed to be related to stress and lack of sleep, and the other time too much sun. Getting a valtrex rx has saved me from more outbreaks, I think. I take the pills when I feel a tingle. I always keep Abreva around too. 

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I just wanted to add to the conversation about having HSV-1 in both locations, it's most likely to happen when you initially contract the virus, for instance you might acquire it in both locations at the same time, or in the few months period of time when antibodies haven't developed yet, you can get it in one location initially, and then also in the other a short time later simply because the body doesn't recognize it as established yet. But if you have a well-established infection in one location, the possibility of picking it up in the other location many months or years later is highly unlikely.

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Please  Read about the concept of spinal Ascension. Unfortunately, in this forum a lot of people are oblivious to this fact. Herpes simplex virus type-1 will try to locate into its center of preference which is the central nervous system. To do that the virus goes through spinal Ascension through the neurons of the spinal cord infecting everything on its way. This phenomenon is being implemented in studying efficacy of vaccines in stopping the virus from ascension through the cord and it is clearly demonstrated in rats. 

So to answer your question: No, you don't get infected twice. It's the same infection getting disseminated. I suffer from the exact same condition (and yes started to get cold sores for the first time in my life) except that unfortunately I have symptoms from head to toe non-stop 24/7 for more than two years now (daily headaches, visual symptoms, vertigo, tinnitus, multiple oral and tongue ulcers, peripheral neuropathy in upper and lower extremities and non stop irritation in the genital area; I believe the virus has messed up every living nerve cell in my body by now). 

Feel better

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