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I am going to try MMS.  Miracle Mineral Solution by Jim Humble.  

I have heard really good things including someone irrigating their virus with it.  This wasn't a testimonial on a website, although I have read loads of those too but I heard from an actual person that they had success.  I am going to research it and then give it a try.

What is there to lose?

Has anyone here tried it? 

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The FDA has issued a warning about it. It is essentially drinking bleach. The church group who sells it markets it to be a "cure all".

If there was a "cure all" product that worked for cancer, diabetes, autism, HSV, ect... wouldnt we know about it? That would save so much time and money spent on scientific research. 

If you look at the basics of how each of these illnesses work in the body, they all work different. So why would one product cure all of them? Cancer is when body cells divide and grow, forming tumors which damage body tissue. It spreads through the body by the lymph system. With diabetes, a person's pancreas either doesnt function enough (type 2) or at all (type 1). Our pancreas makes insulin, which is needed for the body to use blood as nutrients. Insulin for type 1 and oral meds for type 2 help the body use the sugar in the blood as nutrients. When blood sugar is too high, the body cant use all of the sugar so it leads to health problems such as blindness, kidney disease, slower healing times which can lead to loss of limbs or other health issues. Autism is one of many developmental disabilities. It is diagnosed by signs/behaviors, because the physical cause of it inside the body is unknown.

HSV is a virus. It's a virus, which none of the other three I mentioned are. So it acts differently inside the body. It activates during times of stress. None of the other three do. It lives in the nervous system, which none of the other do except maybe autism but that's still unknown. It can be tested for, but not by the same tests as cancer (biopsy) or diabetes (blood sugar tests, A1C labs). It is contagious, which none of the other are. The others might be gentic/hereditary, but HSV definitely isnt. 

Sorry if that was too long... I dont think it's a good idea to try. I do think it can hurt you and I do think you have something to lose. If anyone on here has tried it, there is probably a post about it. If it worked, everyone would be doing it. 

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