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Have GHSV2 breakouts calmed down for you?

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I have been diagnosed with GHSV2 since April 2019 . I have had around 6/7 outbreaks since then. 
has anyone else had it for a couple of years and how often do you think you get breakouts now? 
so stressed that I’m going to be the unlucky person that gets them all the time and that it doesn’t calm down after a year. 
Ive only taken medication once in the hope that my body learns how do fight it off eventually? 
does anyone have any tips or advice ? 
still really struggling to come to terms with my diagnosis and have literally not told anyone 😞

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What it comes down to is patience and letting your body do its thing. As we speak your body is magically building up antibodies that will over time protect you more and more from future outbreaks.

I know it sounds hard to do, but do your best to not worry about that now and take the best care of yourself that you can through this time. Physically, nutritionally, emotionally, psychologically ...

Because the numbers are so on your side here. You’re right that on average it takes about a year for your body to be able to get this virus under control to where you will be having much less outbreaks with less intensity. 

Worrying about what might happen in a year is wasting the precious energy that you have, energy that you deserve to put toward self care. I promise you it gets better. It’s not the big bad monster it initially seems to be. You will have a normal — if not extraordinary — life. 

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