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Completely prevented an OB

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So most of us can tell when an OB is about to come on & it usually starts with itching. Well, I already had a double wammy outbreak 3 weeks ago & REFUSED to tolerate another OB. This is what I did to basically stop one from forming: I stopped eating sugary items (I was splurging daily on desserts), started taking my 1000mg L-lysine Tablets daily (normally it’s every few days), APPLIED undiluted TEA TREE OIL on the itchy spot daily (3 days total, itching stopped on day 2), & blow dried the area after every shower & did my usual commando (no panties). This is day 5 and there is no itch and no OB sores. Yay me!! 

So, next time you feel the tell-tale signs, try tea tree oil. #Proactive not #Reactive 


ps: I’m used to taking tea tree oil since teen years so I wasnt afraid of the undiluted version BESIDES it didn’t burn because i never got to that stage of the OB. 

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