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Uti symptoms but no uti help!

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I don’t know if anyone had similar issues but I went to the doctor for what I thought was a uti, they did a urine test and a vaginal culture test and everything came back negative but they told me I had blood specks in my urine! I keep having the urgency to urinate, discharge in urine sometimes, pain in lower abdomen and pain in back. My discharge looks chunky when I pee but otherwise when I wipe I see nothing, no smell. I’m wondering if this is a symptom of hsv but I know when I first had symptoms this is how it started with thick discharge.  I need answers I’m driving myself nuts!

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I have had UTI's my whole life...I'm 54 now and thankfully haven't had one in a few years. There were times the test was negative for bacteria and times it was positive but the symptoms were always the same and very painful, including blood in the urine. A doctor once told me I have interstitial cystitis, meaning the lining of the bladder gets inflamed for reasons unknown. I'd say it was possibly stress related or food related but especially acid related which was why drinking cranberry juice which is acidic did not help but made it worse. Every time I started getting symptoms I would do a shot of baking soda in water, which is alkalinizing, as many times during the day as I could. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not and I'd take the antibiotics and it would go away. When I was 51, I was diagnosed with HSV1 and 2, but have never had any symptoms and I'm wondering if that was the way it presented? Who knows? 

Try researching interstitial cystitis and see if you find any help. Changing your diet to eating foods that make your body chemistry more alkaline may help. There are lists of alkalinizing foods. I hope you find some relief because I know the pain and anxiety of having a UTI! Good luck. 

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I just recently finished a book by Dr. John Sarno about the mind body connection and I think that most of my UTI symptoms that had no bacterial cause were possibly another manifestation of the mind-body connection. I had nerve pain throughout my whole body for the last 3 years which came on right after the herpes diagnosis. I have been working with releasing past trauma and emotions and I can say that I have been generally symptom free for the last week, with only random nerve pains that I can get under control pretty easily. 

I highly recommend looking into his books or other resource of the mind-body connection. Nichole Sachs has a great podcast and also a book I believe. 

I don't think I had other symptoms with the uti's but stress was a major factor in them. It seems the manifestation of my emotional pain has moved from uti's to the full body nerve pain I had, which is common according to this doctor. When there is no physical reason for pain, i.e. no bacteria and healthy nerves(in my case) then look to the brain's work in it all. The mind is a powerful thing. 

I wish you luck and health and peace! 

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