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So just a quick story and thank you to H and an OB that saved me some time and heartbreak for those of you needing some positives with this. I have had H2 almost a year now and my first and only disclosure went fine. This guy and I were together for 6 months and intimate and he never once made me feel bad about it. But then he moved across the country and we decided to date others. I was of course terrified of starting over and dating again and disclosing again...ugh! SO...I met this really cool guy and we were texting a lot and saw each other a few times and I could tell he wanted to be intimate, but I just couldn't bring myself to tell him yet, because I didn't know him well enough or trust him. I told him I was not looking to just fool around, but for a relationship and that I didn't want to just jump into sex because that always seems to ruin things and I wanted to start things off right, etc. He seemed ok with this, but then one night I stayed there and continued to stand my ground on this and for his own good...lol...I was in the middle of a small OB. Well, still not feeling like he was someone I could disclose to, we just made out and then I made things stop for many reasons. Well, thank goodness I did, because the next day he said he couldn't believe I had been mean to him and denied him sex and that he felt rejected, etc. and that was a turn off to him! My goodness I had only know him a month and I guess his true colors were coming out...if he only knew the real reason was not only my morals that were not matching his, but also that I was protecting him. So of course I didn't disclose and even after apologizing for not having sex (which I should not have had to do!) I of course never have heard from him since! What a jerk! What irritates me even more is that he was trying to initiate sex without even talking about STI's or having a condom...some people really need to be more careful and not just assume. Lucky for him I knew and was able to put on the brakes, but just saying that having H really helps you to have self-control to do this and takes things to another level some others may not ever possibly reach. So it sucks I had this experience, but glad I did, because it just makes me more aware of what I am looking for and how to handle things in the future. Yikes...back to the drawing board...:)

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So happy u told us this story... This is my point with relationships these days... Everyone is so quick to sleep with someone without really knowing the person...

I'm sure this happens a lot even without having something n people give in.. Thank u for standing ur ground...

He should of felt like u were something special, because u are.... <3

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