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Herpes breakout after several months of none

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I think it could be stress related but I don't know.  It's awful too because it is right near my anus.  So flipping painful.   It's one sore blister and I think there's a smaller one.  

  My other break outs have been in my vag area.  I don't know how it moved to the anal area but it has and is freaking me out a bit.  

It started off with itching in that area.  And then the prodrome  tingling and buzzing all in my pubic area . And vaginal pain, shooting pain.   

I have been doing  Epsom salt sitz bath. I don't get many sores in the breakouts but even with just one or two it is so  painful and is awful every time going to the bathroom. 

I wish I had been taking the l lysine but I  had stopped.   I think that must have been helping.      I just started  taking it today again  now  three times a day since this breakout but I think it's like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and  also oil of oregano. But still,  Maybe it'll help clear it up quicker.  

However I perhaps should be taking the supplement  all the time for prevention.     

When I get a breakout it brings up all the emotions and  regret and shame again.    I have been free from breakout for months and months and it felt like I could forget about it and everything  But now it's reared its head  again.   

I do have some stress going on and  I do  also have a chronic pain due to autoimmune disease so that doesn't help either.   

Just feeling very sore, painful and crappy and wanted to vent.   Thanks. 









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Thank you.

I am doing better today emotionally.   I am trying to stay  focused on the here and now  and not what's   past,  and not do the "if only"    I know I can't change things.  

I haven't gone to my doctor, no.  And I can't just phone up and ask for a script. I would have to get an appointment and be seen by someone.   I am trying to deal with it without having to do that.  

I did see a  doctor and get a  prescription the first time I had an outbreak but I don't think it did much for me anyway.   The sore took ages to heal up,  the tingling,   prodrome,  weird feeling vag,  it went on for months after.   I'm not sure how quickly we are meant to respond to the medicine.  (I have forgotten the name of  the medicine I had)  But it didn't seem to do much. 

 I think the natural stuff I'm doing is of some slight  help.  I do Epsom salt Sitz bath 3 times a day.   I have lemon balm salve,  and lidocaine ointment.      I'm taking oil or oregano and lysine.   

Thank you for responding and just being kind.   It is isolating dealing with this.  

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