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Do I have herpes or not? (See pics)

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So în June 2020 i had sex with în ex, the next month i had itches down there and after  months and seven doctors i concluded i have condilom virus hpv. În november 2020 i started treatment with Aldara and Condyline(a burning acid) and i had a big wound on my labia that burned when i peed (no tingling) got rid of hpv and now i think he also gave me Herpes 1 (he had it orally). I have candida and other infections s-o itching îs something normal to me but on 08.02 i think i had a little fever, tingling and itching on my vagina since 1.02 and the i felt the sore appearing on 10.02 because it Hurt when i touch it. After în other inspection i saw 2 more little sores. On 12.02 i went for tests and did Igg Hsv1/2 and it was positive normal 1-20 uml mine was 165 uml Igm Hsv12 negative. Then o went to testIgg Hsv 2 on 15.02 and it came clar negative 3,2 (0-20 uml). So from what i read big igg show an active breakout and results o have Hsv genitally. I cant tell if a month after contact i had something because a was dealing with hpv..but i didnt have this symthoms (fever, tingling, muscle pain). The thing îs i smoke, drinck ocassionally and eat unhealthy so i think i would have experienced my breakout în the first days after sex even if the virus can stay dormant. I dont remember having oral herpes i get a sore sometimes but i doesnt look like herpes. The doctor said i went to late, he couldnt tell. The big sore didnt ulcerate none of them burned when i peed. 






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I'm sorry you are going through so much.  I'm fairly new to the forum but I would be surprised if anyone wants to jump into diagnosing Herpes 1 or 2 from pics.  I certainly would not be a person to try.  I feel like your GP will be the best resource for you.   With that said, feel free to reach out via the forum for support.  I try to respond when I can with encouragement.  The board is not as aggressive as I wish to just give support during the tough times but some of us will.   I wish I had better information for you.   There is a service called ask the experts now and for $25 they give you a medical explanation.   That might could help.  Not sure.  Good luck and keep your head up! 

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