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Post outbreak Prodrome symptoms

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I was diagnosed with HSV-1 10 years ago. I had my first outbreak, took valtrex, and got over yet. I just had my second outbreak 2 months ago. I am married, my husband as far as we know is negative. My question is my major prodromal symptom on my most recent outbreak was itching and tingling to my left labia. This seems to have not gone away since healing two months ago. Is this something normal? Is this a sign of viral shedding still? Should I continue to abstain from sexual activity with my husband? I don't know what to do! 

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Hello @Hqpdo

I hope you are well ☀️🍀.

I honestly am not sure, however herpes does live in the base of the spinal column at the end of the spine, so perhaps it could be a neurological connection causing the constant tingling? I would definitely ask your doctor, or even a Planned Pregnancy clinic or other agency that provides appropriate science-based medical care. In the mean time, obstaining from sexual interaction and assuming it is from viral shedding would be the safest choice until you definitively know what the tingling is from.

However, I researched this and discovered a condition called postherpetic or prodromal neuralgia, a neurological condition occuring with later outbreak cases of oral/facial HSV1 ... But I am wondering if this prodromal neuralgia could happen with HSV1 or 2 in the genital area as well (?). Here is the article for more info: 


I am sorry for the late reply, I just saw your post!! 

I am sending you healing thoughts and happy vibes! ❤️🌼☀️🍀

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An update: I just learned that Post-herpetic neuralgia is linked to shingles, which can actually manifest/appear in the genital area later in life. If you've ever had shingles/herpes zoster (different than HSV) this could be a factor in the tingling! 

Sending happy vibes your  way! 🙂


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