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Which type of Magnesium is useful for treating the tingling?

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While reading hours of post I have noticed that some posters  indicate that the "tingling" associated with HSV2 can be improved by taking daily supplements of Magnesium.  However, I have yet to see if any of the 10 variations are better than others.   I know the entire link between Magnesium and "tingling" is anecdotal but at this point I am willing to try anything. The tingling is worst at night while trying to sleep.  Also, the tingling does not seem to be a prodrome symptom as It does not seem to indicate an OB.  But it comes almost nightly.  It seems to mainly reside between my scrotum and anus.  

Is Valtrex supposed to help with the "tingling"

Does the tingling subside in time?  I am about 4 months from initial OB and it seems pretty frequent.   Not every night, but most nights. 

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  I am frustrated and depressed. 

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Hello, Friend!!

I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. However, there is hope!! 

Magnesium is great for so many things, and you are right in that there are multiple types of magnesiums! However, the tingling feeling of herpes is actually GOOD since it is a warning sign of an outbreak occuring in a specific spot, and indicates viral shedding (time in which virus duplicates and can infect others who come into contact with the spot of tingling/infection). Something that helped me with the painful "pinch" sensation felt when my clothes rubbed a sore was lysine. You can buy lysine at drug stores. It is an ointment that soothes sores and it is honestly such a lifesaver. 

I hope that this helps!!! I am going to check into the magnesium and research and get back to you ❤️

Sending peace and love your way!!!

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