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IgG results help needed

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so I was diagnosed visually no swab  taken with what I thought was HSV2  13 years ago.  I had an awful first OB and then no OBs at all for 7 years. Then around year 8 I started getting mild OBs around my period I put up with  this for 2 years and then went on suppression. 

I had to have an ob swabbed to be given suppression and I was told this was Hsv2. 

I have other vaginal Issues such as excema that was diagnosed about two years ago, these symptoms can mimic HSV so im Never really sure what is a OB and what isn’t.

I am U.K. based and out of curiosity decided to pay for a antibodies blood test and the results have really confused me. 

Results  were

 HSV1 31.2 

HSV2 2.1 

I am 31 and have never had a coldsore in my Life and I am 100 percent on this . I am aware from researching that anything under 3.5 is In the low positive range and requires retesting to confirm. 

I have spoken to the herpes association helpline  and another ‘expert’ On a similar website like  this one who both said it seems I actually have HSV1 genitally and the low positive  could be from a cross reaction.. apparently this is common in patients with a high HSV1 result. 

if this is the case why was I told my swab was type 2 ? I have read anti virals can affect the results but wouldn’t this effect the results for  both types and not just 2?

I know a WB is really the only way to find out for sure  here but I am not able to get one in the U.K. 

I am not disputing I have HSV as I have had very typical outbreaks in the past but I am now not sure what type.. I have read genital to genital transmission of HSV1 is very  low so if I do have 1 I guess it would make my mind a bit more at ease. 

what would you make of these results ? That I have GHSV1? 



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I am sorry about the confusion you are experiencing. It must be really frustrating! However, there is hope! 🍀

I have GHSV1, which I am pretty sure was caused by oral sex, as I had received oral sex the day before my first outbreak. Your symptoms are interesting in that they present very similarly to HSV1, as the outbreaks are spread out and/or rare. However, the consistency of period outbreaks aligns with HSV2. 

In regards to the test... Was it a private company, or a public health institution? Sometimes tests can be flawed if distributed by an untrustworthy company. Did you ask a doctor to interpret the results for you? They could provide insight into if the test is reliable and if the results mean HSV1 or HSV2, etc. 

I hope that you get answers and the guidance you need, and I really hope this response helped!! ❤️

Blessings and love are being sent your way!!!! ❤️🌄🍀🌈☀️

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Hello @Flowerteacher55 thanks for your reply 

the fact that I didn’t have OBs for 7 years aligns with HSV1 however why for the last few years they have been quite frequent suggests HSV2 so I am confused. 

it was a private company the NHS do not offer blood tests for HSV in the U.K.. i asked for the index numbers which you don’t really need a doctor to interpret for you tne test looks for antibodies for both types .. I know I had a low positive result for HSV2 and a high positive for HSV1




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Hi @Lucia22 Again!

Okay. Does the UK have Planned Parenthoods? If so they are an amazing resource too. 

I am not familiar with the scale test. When you have active sores the doctor can scrape them and test them and get the results pretty quickly. Blood tests are also a thing, too, but I am unsure how they work. I wish I could provide more insight into the HSV scale you used! 

Honestly this sounds like HSV1. I am not a doctor by far, but the seven year gap makes me think it's HSV1. HSV1 can be triggered by biological and environmental stimulus... Has anything major happened or change that has coincided with the sudden outbreak changes? Maybe that is the explanation? 


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@Flowerteacher55 hey again .. we have similar to planned parenthood it is called the GUM clinic. I did have a swab taken years ago and was told it was positive for HSV2 but I don’t know if they actually just assumed that as it was on my genitals or if they actually tested it for 1 and 2 aswell. 

the blood tests check for antibodies for both strains mine came out high positive for HSV1 and a low positive for HSV2. If your results are under 3.5 for HSV2 (mine were 2.1) they recommend retesting.  I have never had a coldsore which is why I don’t think the HSV1 result  is from a oral infection. 

The only change between in those 7 years till now is I was on birth  control  and didn’t have periods.. that is the only change I can think of 


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