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I told a new guy

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I am terrified of flying planes. I recently got hired for a seasonal (5-6 month) job in a remote location. The guy sitting next me offered his hand and gave me support during the entire flight. 
Upon landing we were all required to quarantine for 14 days.  During that time this guy was texting me non stop. Telling me I was beautiful. It’s fate. (Overdoing it in my opinion). He was aggressively pursuing me through text. 

Day 9- I disclosed to him of my HSV status and he stops texting me. Mind you, I still have to see and work this guy for the next 6 months or so. I’m afraid he will tell other people. And it hurt that he just stopped texting me. This is the 1st rejection I have had after disclosing. 

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First, I am so sorry about this. This is not your fault, and I've had the same thing happen before. This usually is a red flag that the person only wanted one thing (sex!), And honestly it is these situations where our HSV comes in handy, like a truth-identifying magic wand!!

Hold your head high when you see him at work. You have NOTHING to be ashamed about, and frankly of he were to tell anyone about it, that may be considered sexual harassment under Title IX, and even if it isn't technically under Title IX, him talking about it would be completely inappropriate and you could report him to your supervisor. 

Stay strong!! You are a blessing and a strong, working woman -- don't let this one chump (my favorite term to describe the likes of that man) get you down!!! 

Sending Love and Light!!! 🍀❤️🌈🌄


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I'm sorry he reacted that way.   He's definitely not the guy for you anyway.  I'm not sure but maybe you disclosed too soon especially if you saw signals,  like him being overly nice.   Either way,  keep your chin up and move on.   There will be someone for you,  trust me.   I just had my first disclosure and he accepted me just as I am.   You will find someone too!

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@NJRunnerMom Yes!! You make a great point. Sometimes we miss the red flags of who we shouldn't tell out personal business to. 

I am such an open book and wear my heart on my sleeve, but I've learned to have circles; outer, medium and inner circles. Like, people have to prove their way in. Everyone starts out in the outer circle (coworkers, friends, random people, etc) and if they show trust and kindness, and no red flags, they can move into the middle circle of friends. Only those we really really trust can go into the inner circle of best pals or romantic partners. Telling so much about ourselves can leave us feeling drained and unwanted. 

I hope you are feeling okay!!! 

Sending prayers and happiness both of your ways!!! 🌄🌼🌈❤️🦋🍀


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