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Post herpetic Neurgalia/ Neuropathy?

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The past month I’ve had burning, tingling, buzzing around my area of first outbreak (lower back and buttocks) and I’m assuming this is either neuropathy or post herpetic neurgalia. I just wondered what my next steps should be? Should I consult a doctor? 


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I am so sorry that you've been experiencing those symptoms. I am sure they are distracting and worrying! Do you have any other symptoms?

How long ago was your first outbreak, and was it severe, moderate, or mild? 

Has the tingling, burning, and buzzing gone on for an entire month? How soon after your first outbreak did this start? Also, have you had any secondary outbreaks yet, or did you just have your primary outbreak and then these symptoms?

If this has been lasting for a month, it definitely sounds like you may have some neuralgia from the outbreak. If the symptoms have been lasting for a few days, it could be a prodrome symptoms, and you may be having your first secondary-outbreak soon.

I recommend logging your symptoms to track any changes, triggers, or when the tingling improves or worsens. Having this data can be helpful to bring to a doctor so they can best hypothesize what the cause of this could be. I would schedule an appointment with your doctor, and explain that you think you have post-herpetic neuralgia and have been having symptoms for a month. They will most likely want to see you ASAP and you'll get an appointment quickly! You could also see youth OBGYN if you want, too.

In the meantime, try icing or using heat packs to soothe the nerves. I hope that helps! 

Feel better! 

Sending prayers of health and happiness your way ❤️

-- Grace


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I had two mild outbreaks last year! Since then I’ve had the occasional tingling or little dot here and there but as of a month ago I had whole body tremors, buzzing and tingling in the effected area and all down my legs. That went on for a month, it then stopped for a week, it seems im now going through an outbreak again and the sensations have come back - it’s all really weird. Thank you for your help!

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