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Question about outbreaks???

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I'm trying to learn as much as i can

I've learned that in some ppl outbreaks are rashes with no bumps. Also that some people don't even get blisters. For my 1st OB I got blisters. 

2 weeks later I'm experiencing a bump under my skin that was red and very painful. Someone told me that's how her outbreaks are

I at first thought it was an ingrown because i had experienced something similar in the past (except it wasnt painful then) but after talking to that other person I assumed mines was an OB too. 

Its been like 3 days with this under skin bump. Today I looked down there and it's not painful anymore but it looks like there's a tiny white head that if i were to squeeze it some puss or white stuff would come out.

Does this sound like herpes ?? Last time I checked herpes didn't produce puss, just clear liquid 

Or could this just be like an infected ingrown

Someone please help I'm trying to learn as much as I can 

And I'm trying not to stress

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I hope you are doing okay. Take a deep breath and just be. Trust that everything is going to be okay! 

You asked a great question: how to determine a sore is a sore! 

What you are explaining sounds like it could be one of a few things: a herpes sore, an ingrown hair, or a cyst. 

HERPES SORES: Herpes sores are  single or clustered in bunches. They are usually red and itch, burn, or tingle. They are typically on TOP of the skin, not underneath it. They tend to have a dimple in the center, and eventually go through stages of healing, which can including forming a white head, oozing the goo, crusting over, and then scabbing and falling off, and new skin growth occurs. Herpes sores are accompanied with your prodrome symptoms (whatever they may be).

INGROWN HAIRS: Ingrown hairs can look a little like HSV sores, and they can be painful too. Ingrown hairs can usually be deciphered by really looking closely or using a magnifying glass to look at the center of the bump, where you can sometimes see a dark like (the ingrown hair!). Ingrown hairs typically are by themselves. They wouldn't occur in a cluster (unless you shaved a spot with a razor and perhaps multiple ingrown hairs formed at the same general spot). Ingrown hairs can take a little bit to heal, but they usually just heal on their own. They can bleed, especially if they are picked at, and they can become infected. Generally, they are nothing to worry about. 

CYSTS: cysts are hard lumps that occur UNDER the skin. They are a buildup of fluid or another semi-solid fluid. Usually the skin above them is smooth. Sebaceous cysts can ooze goo. Epidermoid cysts are filled with a yellow fluid. Cysts are common, and tend to just dissolve on their own. Cysts are "movable" under the skin (like, you can sort of move them and they shift in position when you feel it). 

If you are worried about a lump or notice one in the genital region or the breast or armpit area, it's always good to check and ensure it's a cyst and not a cancerous tumor. 

If you are worried, it never hurts to get it checked out by a doc. During my first year with H I went to my college health center every time I noticed a rash or a bump because I was so paranoid and scared. But, I got to learn what was and wasn't HSV signs for me. If getting a doctor's opinion would help, totally get a doctor's opinion.

I hope this helps!! Feel free to reach out with any more questions.



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Thank you for the response Grace,

Yes I'm starting to think it's an abscess of some sort. It sucks because I am paranoid and I feel like any little thing is an Outbreak now. If it doesn't go away in the next few days I'm going to go to the GYN amd get it checked out and  get a peace of mind.


thank you again ! 

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