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Diagnosed about 6 years ago HSV 1,2 and HPV Can't stand the pain

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I am new to this community and this is my 1st post, so I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with HSV 1,2 as well as HPV and I was so shocked to find out I had these because I have been married 26 years but my previous hubby was a cheater and so I am guessing this came from him. Needless to say I am so ashamed and embarrassed to have these even though the Dr said a lot of people have it, more so than not 😒

I also have severe Hemmoroids so when I get an outbreak of H the pain is unbearable because it makes my Anus and Roids burn and nothing helps the pain, I am having an outbreak now and I can hardly sit down the pain is so bad, I am on Valtrex (valacyclovir) 1 GM Tab (Horse Pills)  but I can't see that its helping any. 

Is there anything I can use to help with the pain? I am on prescription Hydrocortisone 2.5 to use when I have flair ups but again it doesn't do much for this pain and burning. Ibuprofen seems to help some but I can't take it everyday because I am a heart patient so I have to use Tylenol. I just want this pain to go away, I just can't handle it anymore.  

Has anyone else had this severe of pain like I have? 


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Hello! 🙂 

I hope you are well.

First, please know you have no reason to be ashamed and embarrassed about your conditions. You are not dirty. You are not bad. You are not unlovable. You are pure and clean. You are good. You are worthy of love, kindness, and respect.

I am so sorry that your ex husband cheated on you. You did not deserve that. 

I cannot even imagine the pain from the hemorrhoids and the outbreak. If it hurts to sit down, you can try sitting on a donut pillow (the pillow people sit on if they break their tailbone). Or, even a pool floatie ring would help! You can buy the donut pillow at most drug stores, but call ahead to make sure they have it.   

If your Valtrex is not helping, you could try one of three things: 1) talk to your doctor about trying a different antiviral, 2) talk to your doctor about upping the dosage of the antiviral, and/or 3) ask your doctor if you can receive/try a topical antiviral cream (basically topical Valacyclovir). Are your HSV sores internal or external? If they are internal (in the vaginal or anal cavities) then the cream wouldn't do any good, but if they are external (on the skin/you can see them) the topical cream may help. 

I would also recommend eating high fiber foods during this time and staying hydrated, so your stools are not hard to pass (which would agitate the hemorrhoids more). 

You can also try a warm sitz bath by using Epsom salts to help ease the hemorrhoid pain and possibly help them heal quicker. The Epsom salts are also great for possibly helping HSV sores clear up quicker, too. Plus, the warm water may help you feel more relaxed and feel less pain. 

If you symptoms are really bad, go to the doctor, and they can give you a hydrocortisone suppository. 

Also what might help is keeping a log of what triggers your outbreaks of both HSV and hemorrhoids so you possibly avoid these triggers and/or prepare for outbreaks. You can keep track of what happened the day before outbreaks, what helps them heal vs what prolongs them, etc. This also serves as data to give your doctor if you go back to them to ask for additional treatment or ask questions! 🙂

I hope this helps!

Sending positive and happy healing energy your way 🌻☀️

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Hi, @sadthatimhere,

You just brought up such a good point that I have never thought about! 

Medicinal marijuana is being more more utilized to help treat pain and medical conditions, and I wonder if any studies have been done to study the impacts of marijuana on pain, nerve damage, and HSV outbreaks. 

Thanks for bringing this topic to conversation! 

I hope you are doing well! 

Blessings 🙂 !!

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SO I went to my Dr and found out I had a severe yeast infection on my butt ,between crack and that was part of the pain as well as my H-Roids being flared up and having GHPV-2 all at the same time.😵 I have never had any sort of yeast infection in my life and I am 54 and omg how painful all of this is to have at the same time. Dr gave me some meds to get rid of yeast infection, Clotrimazole & Betamethasone Dipropionate topical ointment as well as 2 doses of Fluconazole to take. I've also been taking Benadryl twice a day and 2- 650 mg Tylenol once or twice a day as needed for pain. The yeast infection is almost gone and H-Roids feel better but I am still burning/stinging pretty bad from the GHPV-2 as I still have some sores which seem to be on the outside and at the base of vagina close to Anal area, and using the RR makes it worse. This is the most uncomfortable thing to have and its so hard to deal with. The Valtrex doesn't seem to help with anything? 

I read on here about L-Lysine and wondered if that helps at all? I mentioned it to my Dr and she said its good to use, thoughts on that if anyone has used it here? Where I live Medicinal marijuana is not legalized yet 🥺

Is there anything that will get rid of the sores and help the burning/stinging pain  that works 100%, L-Lysine or anything else? I have read Vit C may be good to take daily, I am a heart patient and I can't take Ibuprofen on a daily basis and I have to be careful of what I take.

Thanks for the replies!🥰

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It's great that you went to the doctor! Ouch! A yeast infection in that area sounds painful, especially because of the friction the crease between the bottom faces from walking, clothing, sitting, etc. 

Just to clarify, are you having an HPV flare up or an HSV flare up? 

Also, I have used Lysine cream before, and it really helped me. Generally for HSV-1 (what I have), Lysine can really make an improvement. I bought it at a wellness/holistic store. It was in a tiny tube, was a yellow ointment, and it kind of smelled like lemon. Looking back (I was only 19) I honestly don't think I checked to see if it was for oral or genital sores, but it didn't specify, so I applied it to the genital region and it helped so much! It protected the sores from chafing, helped with urination (acidity burns), and helped with general pain. I have GHSV-1, and the Lysine helped me, however for GHSV-2, which tends to be stronger and more aggressive, Zovirax may help you more. Zovirax is a topical Acyclovir. You can read about both of them here, it compares them! https://www.rxlist.com/zovirax_vs_lysine/drugs-condition.htm#what_is_zovirax

Vitamin C is a wonderful vitamin to take in general, H or not! Vitamin C has shown to speed up the healing time for outbreaks. Interestingly enough, there are studies done that explain how an IV of vitamin C helped people with herpes zoster (Shingles), which isn't HSV, but it is in the same herpes family. 

I hope this helps! 🙂



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Thanks for the reply, I have never had any issues with HPV that i am aware of, just the GHPV-2 and my HRoids. I am doing a lot better tonight and yeast is almost gone but I am still having burning from sores and the Valtrex doesn't seem to be helping at least in my opinion. I am going to ask the Dr to call me in the Valtrex ointment or call a pharmacy that does its own compounds and see if that help.

I am looking for a good source to get the L-Lysine and Vit C from, like the Pure encapsulation site had great stuff.

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I'm glad you are feeling a little better! A good site is Vitacost. Always remember to read the ingredients and look up companies before you purchase anything, too! So many companies are not regulated by the FDA and sadly so many companies sell bad products that can even potentially be harmful! 

Have a happy day!! Stay kind to yourself ☀️

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Hi again,

SO I woke up early in the am with severe itching in the anal area again and I called the dr and let her know that the yeast infection seems to be getting better but the itching and burning are still an issue so I asked if they could call me in the ointment/cream for the GHSV-2 so glad I have that I can start using soon and hope it helps with the sores. This itching is too much OMG along with some burning still. I hope this goes away soon as it is very uncomfortable, Im going to take 2 Benadryl tonight lol since I haven't taken any pain meds or allergy type meds today at all so I was hoping is was ending soon 🤒

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SO my Dr called in the cream (Valtrex) but its too expensive to buy it even with insurance 😞 Ive seen people on here mention Wisp website where you can purchase it, do you know if it is legite? I forgot to take my Valtrex pill yesterday and just took it tonight, Im seeing red spots on my inner thighs so does that mean they are healing? I don't know how much more of this itching I can handle, I woke up in the wee hours this am with it itching and burning again and I used a hot compress on it to help soothe it then today I used Desitin all over the are and that took most of the itch away until I got out of the shower tonight so im going to keep using that.

I also went to costco today and got the big bottle of Vit C you mentioned, should I be taking 500 or 100 mg a day? I don't know how people handle this everyday 😞 it really sucks

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I am SO sorry that the cream is expensive, even with insurance. That's terrible!

I have never heard of Wisp. I looked it up and the issue is it seems it is operated by non-medical personnel, which makes me think it's most likely unregulated (which is NOT good). It seems just too good to be true. I am going to check this out more and see how Wisp obtains their medicines, which pharmaceutical company makes these medications, and how exactly everything is regulated. The website doesn't really offer a lot of information about who they are and how they operate, and there are plenty of positive reviews but sadly companies can always make up reviews! 

By red spots do you mean the sores are turning into red spots, or new red spots are appearing?

In terms of vitamin C, you can try taking one pill a day (one tablet is 500 mg, I believe). Take it for a few weeks and see if you notice any improvement. 

I hope you feel better! I am happy the Destin is helping. Something that helped me was Lysine ointment made by a company called Quantum Health. It was a tiny tube, and actually is for use as a lip balm, but because it was thick and balm-like, it really soothed my skin. The kind I used smelled like lemon and the vitamin E and Zinc Oxide added in the balm most likely helped reduce the pain, too. The active ingredient in it is menthol, which helps with pain management and a "cooling" feeling to reduce pain. You can buy it at health food stores or at Amazon or Vitacost. 

I'm praying for you! 

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Hi 🙂 

Yeah even with insurance buying the cream is so expensive 😞 they need to make it affordable to people who need it, as far as Wisp, ive seen certain posts on here that mention it and ive read some of the reviews, good and bad so I am not sure if I would trust them as people seem to have issues with the billing practices Wisp has which is a flag for me, id love to try just to get the medicine.

The red spots are already on my inner thighs and I feel sores close to my anus but near the edge of my vagina that seem to really itch. I seem to have really severe itching the wee hours of the am and then early morning and its so bad I run hot water as hot as I can stand and wet a washcloth rung out and try to itch using it, Im just so tired of all this and can't handle the itching and the burning and nothing seems to help. I am taking  2 - 650 mg Tylenol and 2 - Benadryl everyday to just get some relief. Desitin seems to help a little. I am just over all this 😞 Ill try to find some Lysine, I can't use anything with Lidicane in it because it causes my blood pressure to go up.

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Have you tried GoodRx? They actually really help. You can prescriptions for a fraction of the price by basically showing a coupon card. I've used GoodRx before and it does work! 

Attached is a picture of the ingredients of the lysine cream I used. I do not believe there is lidocaine in it! 

Since your pain is so bad, you could try soaking in Epsom salts, as it could help relieve the itch and inflammation. 

Stay strong!! This is temporary. It will get better!! We are here for you ☀️

Blessings! 🦋🌻


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So I am finally feeling a lot better, Anal yeast infection is gone but still having a little bit of itching in groin area and inner thighs and had noticed these tiny red bumps in my pubic hair area but have no idea if they are GHSV or what they are? I have been putting alcohol on them daily to help get rid of them.

I have been able to sleep the last 3 nights 🙂 and I picked up my Acyclovir Cream today that was made &  compounded at a special pharmacy near me so I will start using it tonight.

My Anal Fissures have been really painful and burning since all this started so I wonder if the Acyclovir cream will also help with those as there are some bumps in that area as well. This is my 1st time using this cream so I hope it works well.


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It's so wonderful to hear you are feeling better! The red bumps could be a variety of things. It could be from irritation if your hair is growing back in (if you shaved or waxed the area), or from folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicles. 

Do the red bumps have a head to them? Also, do they look dry or scaly? 

In regards to the cream, I'm so happy you got some. It's really great that a pharmacy near you produces it! Are they like a pharmaceutical company? 

In regards to the cream, but don't apply it internally (like around/inside the anus). 

For the anal fissures, you could also try hydrocortisone rectal cream specific for hemmorhoids and anal fissures.  Also if you haven't tried an Epsom salts bath, maybe try that! 

Keep us updated!! 

Sending prayers of health and happiness your way!! ☀️🦋

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Thanks 🙂

No I haven't shaved the pubic area but its hard to tell about the bumps, I don't believe they have a head or  any fluid in them and I have not heard of folliculitis, what causes that just out of the blue?

Its a regular pharmacy but they also specialize in what is called Compounding ointments/creams that insurance does not pay for so you pay out of pocket but its always cheaper then what insurance would charge you. You would have to google to find a pharmacy in your area that does it or ask your dr cause they normally know some. 

I have already been using hydrocortisone 2.5% prescription and over the counter creams that just don't seem to be working and I can get some compounded that will actually heal my fissures so its worth a try. Im so glad I feel so much better as I have been miserable the last few weeks.

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That is so cool, thank you for sharing that information about compounding pharmacies with us! 

Maybe a hydrocortisone enema (ouchies) would work? 

Stay strong! You have been such a warrior these past weeks. Way to keep moving forward! 🦋

Blessings! ☀️

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So its me again 😞 So I am still having itching on my Inner thighs but its not everyday but still there and I think the bumps from pictures I have looked at is folliculitis like you mentioned 😞 If its not one thing its another! 

So does folliculitis come from yeast infections? I only have a few left and I am putting alcohol on them and the Antifungal cream. Never heard of these and def never had them, I just want to get back to normal.

I have started using the Acyclovir cream but im sure it takes awhile for it to work.

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I am so sorry about this! So, folliculitis can be caused by a few things but commonly caused via a staph infection. It can be caused by anything that opens or irritates the skin, from shaving to bacteria to a virus. You could go to a dermatologist just to be sure it is folliculitis and perhaps they could give you a specific ointment/medicine!

Yeast infection that is on the skin can cause folliculitis, you are correct! I don't know if this is helpful https://dermnetnz.org/topics/malassezia-folliculitis but maybe you could ask the dermatologist about it! 

Also, if you think this could be caused by the yeast infection, I would avoid sugar, as it feeds yeast. 

Stay strong! Sending prayers of health and happiness your way! The sun always shines after rain! 🙂 

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Hello again 🙂 

So I have started using the Acyclovir cream, how long does it take to work and will it get rid of sores? I still see and feel them and I am using the cream twice a day, usually before bed and in the am when I wake up. Can I also use the Valtrex pills while using the cream? Hoping one or both will work 😞 

As for my inner thighs, they are still itching like crazy and I can feel the bumps when I sit on the toilet and whatever it is has caused my skin to be very dry so my PCP said I needed to see a Dermatologist for this issue so I am going to see one for the 1st time on tuesday afternoon hoping to get some answers and relief and to find out what this is since I don't think its yeast. I am wondering if maybe its a reaction from either the cream or the Diflucan pills since I am allergic to several meds already? It just seems strange, and I do believe what I had in my pubic hair was  folliculitis and all of that is gone except for 1 spot with a hair in it and then another spot that is kind of raw that is on my Hysterectomy scar. I have been putting alcohol and neosporin on both and sometimes cream.

At any rate Im over the itching and creepy looking skin and hope I get some answers on tues.

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It's great that you got the cream and have been using it. It typically helps the sores clear up quicker than the oral tablets of antiviral because topical ointment applies the antiviral straight to the area(s) where the virus may be actively shedding and/or producing sores. I do not know about taking the oral tablet and using the cream at the same time. You should call your doctor and ask, or your pharmacist! Pharmacists are wonderful resources, since they understand the pharmacology and biological reactions from medicines, and if they interact with one another or are safe to use together, etc. Don't talk to the cashier at the pharmacy, talk to the legit pharmacist. 

It's awesome that you are seeing a dermatologist on Tuesday! It might help to keep a running list of everything you want to talk to the doctor about. I know for me personally I forget to mention things and then I go home and am like "oh no I forgot to mention _____ !" 

The rubbing alcohol may be causing your skin to be dry which could increase itchiness. Neosporin is oily so it might cause some issues, and it's typically for cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. I had my appendix out in October and the scars are randomly itchy sometimes; maybe your hysterectomy scar is also just itchy and causes added itchiness? 

Stay strong and let us know what happens on Tuesday!

Sending prayers of health and happiness and joy 🌈☀️🍀!!!


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