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Just diagnosed with type 1.

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After getting out of a 5+ year relationship, and going back and having sex with him while feeling vulnerable.

i contracted herpes from him. He had a scab on his lip and reassured me it was nothing. 6 days after I developed a rash and got swabbed and tested. It is type 1. I confronted him and was devastated as I have not had any other partners. He laughed in my face and told me how gross I was. I already feel so ashamed and hurt from this and to have him treat me like this.. i feel like I will never be able to be with anyone again. I’m freshly single and feel like I’ll be alone because I’m too afraid to have to share this diagnosis if I were to date anyone.

Please tell me it gets better..  

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First, please know and remember this truth always: You are not dirty. You are not bad. You are not unworthy or unlovable. 

You are pure. You are good. You are worthy of love, respect, and kindness. Things will get better. 

You did not deserve his disrespect, his dishonesty, and his cruelty. The way people treat us is a reflection of THEM, not of us. You are a blessing. You are a survivor. You are a warrior. You can get through this. You are not alone. ❤️ 

The feelings you expressed are completely normal. Take the time you need to heal. Grieve, cry, be angry. All emotions are okay to feel and are valid, but it is what we do with them that matters. Don't take it out on yourself. Be kind to yourself, build yourself up. You are a beautiful mountain, stand tall, hold your head high, and nurture yourself. Take this time as a single person to build yourself up and rely on positive friendships, including being your own friend, too. ❤️ Disclosing to others when you date is hard, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. When you emotionally heal and overcome the internal conflict of guilt and shame, disclosure is so much easier. Disclosing is so hard and we feel so much guilt because of society's ignorance and judgement towards HSV. The good thing about this is that it's constructed by people, therefore it can be dismantled by people (us, everyone here on this site, and other advocates!) Change starts from within. Remember that you are not defined by this, or by the way chumps treat you. Don't let the chumps get you down. Rise above it and build yourself up! 🙂 

We are here for you! Reach out if you need any support or a friend to talk to.

Sending prayers and blessings your way!! 🌻☀️

- grace

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