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10yrs post herpes diagnosis, my life is still crumbling

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I posted on another thread but thought I should add where more people can maybe get a sense of what’s happening. 
10 yrs ago I was just starting my career! I met up with an old longtime bf of mine. That’s what brought me here. I felt like it ruined my life from day one. I still worked and have had a great career, eventually having had 2 children I thought might be impossible with my diagnosis. 
over the years I have fought constant OB which just when I think might be settling move to a new area. Fast forward to now and I feel I have it all over my body. I also have always had OB on my chin since the beginning. It spread there from down there…and now it’s on my inner thigh, low back, newly on mid and upper back, tingling has started on my nose and eyebrows. I recently had an OB on my thumb. I itch everywhere…legs, back, hips, shoulders, ribs, bum, scalp. It’s for sure the ‘itch’ associated with H. 
I take daily valycyclovir, homeopathic meds for immunity, lysine. 
nothings helping its getting worse. I’ve almost left my husband as it’s too hard to bare that I can’t be intimate. Now with the facial tingling I don’t even want to kiss. I don’t want my kids touching me and I don’t want to kiss them. My hands are infected I don’t want to touch them or pick them up. 
my job has to end as I can’t risk the fact that if I can’t control it on me than I’ll more likely spread to others. 
How does one keep going after all this. My whole life is being taken from me. I’m scared every day. 
staying positive doesn’t help. As soon as I do something else comes and knocks me down. 
everything I read says it should get better. I see here for some that’s also not been true. 
I have thought it would be better and safer if I wasn’t here. My kids do bring me back but they really deserve more. More love, more affection, more safety from this being their life. After how it’s affected me I feel like I would die if they got it. 

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Hi ❤️ 

I just wanted to say that this isn't your fault. It's not your fault, you aren't bad or unlovable. You aren't a danger and you are not a hazard. You are beautiful and wonderful and so capable of being a mother, wife, and working-woman, and you are not defined by this. It will get better ❤️ I'm praying for you! 

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I am so sorry you are going through this. When you have genital HSV infection OB's can show up anywhere in boxer short area so it is not unusual for OB's to appear in thigh area or buttocksfor example. My last outbreak was on both thighs and this wasn't my primary OB. Doctors say that recurrent OB's are uniliteral and only primary is bilateral but that wasn't true in my case.

Have you been to immunologist? Maybe some underlying health issue is somehow compromising you immune system. Did you check your thyroid levels?

From my experience (and  I've been through hell thanks to HSV) I can tell you that for some people this can be very nasty virus. I've been in contact with lot of people who are HSV positive and I am hearing more and more stories about unusual course of this infection.

The most important thing is to see doctor and to checked for possible immune deficiens. Do you have opportunity to change antivirals maybe? Can you get vitamin C infusions for example to boost your immune system? 

Please, don't hesitate to contact me. I am dealing with this condition for a really long time and I perfectly understand what you are going through.


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Thank you so much for your insight. I really appreciate this and probably should have messaged on here sooner. 
Im looking into an infusion right away and will speak with my Dr soon. Those all sound like great suggestions and I will look into them for sure. I’m really sorry to hear that you have also had such a hard time. It’s really hard to hear that some people don’t even notice it and then for some it literally wreaks havoc on their lives. 
I would love to hear more of your journey, and what has helped you❤️

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