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First herpes outbreak ...healing question

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Going through my first OB and it was absolutely horrible, finally starting to feel some relief with healing. My labia has some spots where it's like stuck together due to the scabbing.  Should I worry, try to get it separated or let it happen on it's own?

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First, please know that you are not defined by this at all. You are a beautiful human and HSV does not have the power to reduce your happiness or change who you are. You are a blessing and have faith that everything will be okay! 

The stickiness you mention is common, and I know what you mean. For my first outbreak, my sores were 'oozy' and they stuck to my clothes and nearby skin, and of course it's like "do I pull the skin apart... or leave it to just stick there 😞?" Ripping the skin or clothes from the sores can cause the scabs to open and it hurts of course, and it increases the healing time 😞 

But the sores need air to scab and heal, and when you unstick them you can apply more lysine or Acyclovir cream if you are using that/those.

So, you can unstick them in a way that doesn't rip the sores open or hurt you! 🙂 

If it is bothering you and the skin being stuck to other skin is uncomfortable and you need to pull them part, do it in the shower, or ever spray the area with a spray bottle filled with warm water to help the area become lubricated. You can soak in a warm bath, too. 

I hope that helps! 

Stay well and reach out if you need anything 🙂 

Sending blessings of healing and happiness your way! ❤️ 🙂 


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