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Question for men

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Hi everyone, I'm new here, with some fears and doubts and hopeful you guys can give me some guidance.
I recently developed 3 blisters in my penis which are starting to heal after 10 days. But I don't know if this is a primary outbreak, because 4 years ago for about a month I had a very irritated glande, it even had some streaks, like marks, quite red, almost bloody, but no blisters as far as I recall, and not particularly painful. Could that episode 4 years ago had been the primary outbreak? At the time I didn't think of it as a possibility of herpes, but now I don't know anymore. What do you guys think? Thanks a lot!!

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I hope you are well. I'm sorry for you stress and symptoms. Please know everything will be okay ☺️☀️

Just to clarify, what do you mean by "glande"? Are you referring to your glands or are you referring to the sores? 

During the experience four years ago, did you have any symptoms such as tingling, burning, itching, etc? Also, did you happen to notice if you were intimate before the symptoms occured? Has this ever happened again since then, and have you ever talked to a doctor about it?

For the current symptoms: Have you had the current sores swabbed? Also, are the sores going through any changes; forming a white head that oozes goo and scabs, for example? 

I'm praying for you! 🌻



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Hi Grace, thanks a lot for your answer. 
Sorry for the confusion. Stressful times.
By glande I meant glans penis, meaning the head of the penis. Maybe a term not widely used. 

4 years ago I don't remember having any specific sensation. Just the sores (but again, not blisters), which took a very long time to completely heal. I would say almost a month. Also, I may have been intimate with one night stands around that time. But protected. Could that have been herpes already?


Currently, there is very little oozing, and so far one of the blisters seems to have emptied but no scabing. Before these became blisters, I made the mistake of taking azithromycin cause I got scared. I don't know if that might have caused some reaction, or if it is just herpes acting out. But no, I haven't got my sores swabbed. So I have no official confirmation that this is really herpes. 


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No need to apologize! Thanks for the clarification. 

Can you describe what the sores looked like? Did they have a dimple in the center or any features that were unique? 

It is possible that was HSV, however usually with a primary outbreak people feel sick or like they have the flue/a cold. It is also common to have the sensations or uncomfortable feelings, too.

Okay, avoid touching the sores while they heal, and take note if there is any scabbing of the sores. 

The Azithromycin side effects are usually feelings of unwellness (nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, loosing appetite, loss of taste, etc), however I am sure it is possible that it can cause rash side effects. Have you ever taken this medicine before, and if so have you ever had an adverse reaction? 

If possible, see if you can get the sores swabbed, especially if another one opens and starts to ooze. 

I hope this helps!'

I am sending blessings and prayers of health and happiness your way 🙂 !



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