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How do I go on

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What a whirlwind of a week man. 
in short, should I get tested again?

Long story: 

April18-19 I had my most recent sexual encounter. 

May18 I felt a tingly itchy sensation on my penis. Almost ignored it. That night I attempted to masterbate and couldnt because the lesions? hurt to stroke. I shaved; took pics, c ompared to other lesions on the internet. And it didn’t look like herpes, still I was freaked. It looked/felt more like super dry marks or scratches/abrasions than the fluid filled blisters I saw on google images.

I went to urgent care the next day and doc immediately diagnosed me with herpes on sight; didn’t even bother to test me. Prescribed be anti-virals and discharged me. Obviously I was freaked, and in disbelief. It’s been a month! I couldn’t do or think about anything else so I went to a second urgent care. By this time, less than 24hrs later after first noticing the lesions? they were already starting to dissipate, to the point where i had to point out my concerns on my shaft to the doc. But the tingly/electric feeling was still there The doctor admitted he wasn’t convinced it was herpes, since I am also suffering from “jock itch”. He swabbed me and suggested I get blood tested at my primary. 

The following day I got blood tested. 
The lesions? were gone at this point and I didn’t feel anything anymore. A few days laster the swab test came back negative. It didn’t really ease my anxiety since there wasn’t much of a lesion to swab, even though it was less than 24hrs of my initial OB?

A few days later after that I received my igg test. Positive for both!

hsv1: 15 something. 
hsv2: 1.83

my primary asked if I had blisters. I said no. He replied, well you have it. Then hung up. 

That was May 24th, I haven’t been able to do it think if anything else since!

I confided in my friend, the last person I slept with of my test result and she claimed she has never had any symptoms but she is going to get tested. 
Since then I have not stopped feeling this tingling feeling. At least every 15-60mins I’m checking to see if there’s a lesion to match this occasional stinging/tingly feeling on my shaft but nothing. If this is my first outbreak should I see something??

I’ve read that I have what can be considered a “low positive”. I was tested 4+weeks after my most recent sexual encounter. I know 1.83 is technically positive, but could it be false? Or is it low because I was recently infected? Especially compared to my +15igg reading of hsv1. 

Should I get tested again ? ?

I have pictures and video of my initial OB if necessary. 

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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. 

First, I am so sorry for the emotional stress you've been under. Please know that everything will work out okay. You are not alone! 

In regards to your situation, it sounds like you could have HSV 1 and 2.  

Just to clarify, this was an IgG blood test, right?

If this was an IgG test, it seems your HSV-1 result of 15.0 indicates you've had it for a while. Two-thirds of the world has HSV-1, so fear not! Typically people get cold sores/fever blisters, and many people develop these in childhood. Do you have a history of cold sores/fever blisters? 

In regards to the low positive HSV-2 result: since it takes 12+ weeks for an IgG test to typically come back positive (because it takes that long for the IgG antibodies to build up to detectable numbers) it's possible the low positive is due to the fact it had only been about a month since the encounter. 

When you had symptoms, did you ever get sores or blisters? The tingling sounds like HSV. It is possible to have HSV and jock itch at the same time. 

Your blood results came back positive while the swab came back negative, which can be frustrating. However, if the doctor did not gather enough viral culture on the q-tip, then it can produce a false negative. Or, if you weren't shedding enough of the virus in the spot swabbed or enough of the virus in general, that can also produce false negatives. Swabs are really only reliable in the first 2-3 days of sores appearing. 

Did your friend go to get blood work done? 

I'm sorry that the doctor just said you have H and then hung up 😑 not very helpful or sympathetic!! You can always call the office back and speak to the nurse on call to ask questions to regarding your results. 

I hope all this helps!! Stay strong 🌻

Sending blessings and prayers your way!! ☀️


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I just saw *another doctor. He said if it was an outbreak, than I would know. He said the pain would be severe, not annoying as I had described it. I didn’t have blisters or ulcers, I had what I would described as spots or dry marks. Again, I have pictures if necessary. What’s interesting as I was blood testing again, and my igg levels for hsv2 dropped from 1.83 to 1.60 after 7days. What does this mean??

this doctor said the only sure way of knowing is to swab a blister, which I technically never had. Ugh; this is so stressful. I wish I could just know so I could continue with my life. 

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Hi Again! 

I'm so sorry about you stress. Please know it will all be okay. 

Did the doctor suggest any other diagnoses? If not HSV, what does the doctor think it could be? 

How are your symptoms? Any changes? 

The fact that your IgGs dropped is odd. Have you had any other illnesses recently (Epstein Barr Virus, mononucleosis, or other viruses)?

Stay hopeful!! 

I am praying for you 🌻🦋



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I appreciate your response btw. It’s easing enough jus having someone to talk to. 

after the first 30hrs or so the lesions dissipated. I don’t feel the tingling as much, although I can’t really tell if it’s the jock itch irritating me or something else. 
the doc also said whatever I had last week wasn’t a herpes break out. Because it would hurt so much. 
I can’t remember ever having a cold sore. Or any of the viruses you are mentioning, I don’t even know what that is. 

the only thing I got from my visit is doctors can’t really say if someone has herpes or not, the only sure way is from a postive culture. Which I did not have. 

At this point it’s going in 6weeks since my last sexual encounter. I think I might try to shoot for that ‘gold standard’ test in Washington. Because I can’t take the uncertainty. 


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Has anyone ever heard of people initially testing positive for herpes but learning they are not actually infected?

and why do doctors give you such an hard time to get tested? I had to ask like 2-3x. It’s very curious HSV1 isn’t included in the screen process like every other STD

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Not sure this will help but thought I'd share what i got told. I went to a STI clinic the other day and discussed my igg test result. I was exposed 6 weeks ago and they said basically no way was that from the recent exposure and it was from old infection from hsv1. 

I'm in a similar mindset, basically freaking out. 

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18 minutes ago, Dutchy said:

Not sure this will help but thought I'd share what i got told. I went to a STI clinic the other day and discussed my igg test result. I was exposed 6 weeks ago and they said basically no way was that from the recent exposure and it was from old infection from hsv1. 

I'm in a similar mindset, basically freaking out. 

Everyone has hsv1 man. I wouldn’t sweat it

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16 minutes ago, xLiV217 said:

Thanks for sharing. Was this for hsv1 or 2?

can I ask what was your igg count ?

My igg was 9.7 . For hsv 1 . 

Hsv2 was less than 0.5

Agree lots of ppl have hsv1 , on their face, and it's not that big a deal. But it's more of a big deal if its genital.

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On 5/29/2022 at 10:52 PM, xLiV217 said:

Everyone has hsv1 man. I wouldn’t sweat it

Hey mate!!! 

I am in a similar position, but since 2020. Had a very bad breakout, both girls I did slept with before told me they didn't have anything. Got blood tested twice for HSV1 and 2 and IGG and IGM both negative... Visited all sort of different doctors and still don't know what the hell do I have. for the last 2 weeks I am having like a rash all over my body... Legs, arms belly, a lot of red spots like mosquito bites. Went to the general doctor and he said it was just a foliculitis... I have been like this for 3 weeks. I still want to believe it is not herpes, although some of the symptoms tels me it is, blood test says it isn't, and the doctors depends on who it is saying something different each, but that I should not worry about it... yeah, I keep thinking about this every single day non stop, it is just psycologilally killing and impossible to stop thinking... still getting used to it. But I completey understand your frustrations and your anger... is like the end of the love and sexual live... Did you share the pics so that we can perhaps compare and see.

All the best mate!

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