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Hi! I need some advice.

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So a little about me first: I’ve had (assuming HSV2 for 2 years now, as I’ve never been able to get a test), the first year I had no outbreaks, no problems, nothing. Roll on a year and I’ve develop full body tingling, and random outbreaks all over my body. ALL OVER. My “outbreaks” are atypical, mine look like pimples, they appear in one singular spot, and they appear everywhere but my genitals (lol can you believe it). I get them on my arms, legs, neck, back, face, etc, and the tingling and nerve buzzing hasn’t stopped for 8 months now, even when symptoms aren’t present.


anyways, I know hsv can cause neurological problems, and it feels like I’ve become the unlucky one in this scenario as I have every neurological symptom going. I experience tinnitus, visual problems, balance issues, full body tingling, burning, migraines, etc… 24/7. This came on ever since the spots appeared on my body and it hasn’t stopped since, so I’m quite tired and fed up. I’m a healthy individual, I take my vitamins, I eat clean, I rest well and I’m very holistic and try not to stress, so I don’t understand why I’ve been affected so badly from this.


Basically, I’m asking for help. I live in the UK and they do not test for hsv here without symptoms, which I don’t really have, I’ve requested blood tests but they just won’t give them to me. I want to go on anti vitals but without proof of hsv, I can’t go on them, also I don’t know how to navigate getting help for this? I’ve been in and out of hospitals for months, trying to see neurologists, but no one will listen to me when I say I think this is all from hsv. 

Sexual health professionals tell me you can’t spread herpes after the initial outbreak/without symptoms… also a lie. I started off with one spot on my buttock and now I’m infected head to toe in random places, it makes no sense to me.


i just need some help and some guidance, because even my partner doesn’t believe it’s hsv (he is the one who gave it to me, he’s my only partner) as he doesn’t even show symptoms either! I know! My life! 

Any help, support, guidance, or anyone who’s going through something similar is appreciated. 

Thank you & take care x

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Hello Friend ❤️ 

I am so sorry that you are experiencing such stress and struggles. You are such a strong and beautiful warrior, and you are showing such grace and strength while facing these battles! ❤️ You are inspiring! 

It is very very frustrating when medical professionals dismiss you. It is patronizing and overall disrespectful. It's YOUR body, YOU know what's going on! I am so sorry this is your experience. It is also not okay that your partner denies your HSV. Maybe he feels some type of guilt for passing it to you, so he denies it overall. Sometimes when people feel guilt, they deny (which doesn't make it right, but it can help us understand why they are behaving that way). Has he ever been tested for HSV or has had symptoms?

Honestly, it sounds like you need IV antivirals, which seems like not an option in the UK. Is it possible to go to another country to receive treatment? Or, when you have your extreme blisters, would it be possible to show a doctor (maybe even on a telemed appointment on Zoom or Skype) or take a picture so they can see for themselves and then provide the antivirals? I know it can be so difficult to make it in time for a test, because oftentimes the sores disappear by the time we get in to see the doctor. I do not know if you've checked out this website, but maybe this organization in London could help? https://herpes.org.uk/

I am praying for you ❤️ Stay strong and be kind to yourself. This is not your fault and you are doing great staying positive. 

Reach out if you ever need a friend or support. We are here for you! ❤️🌻☀️ 





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