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Herpes outbreaks post Covid and vaccinations

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Hi there, I found out I have HSV2 after an OB in October 21. This may be a coincidence but it’s a few weeks after my second vaccine. Then I didn’t have another OB until after my booster in feb 22. Now I have Covid and on to my 3rd OB. 
I’ve seen some studies linking OBs which is interesting in itself. 
My question is somewhat related. As I am still getting over Covid, my lesions have gone but I’ve got vaginal itching, kind of internal, throughout the day. It’s less itch than thrush but I’m hyper aware of it. I have discharge but it doesn’t smell and is thin and clear. I did a course of canestan internal cream in the week of my lesions and it helped but I’m wondering if Covid stirred things up again. And also wondering if other females or vagina owners get discharge with OBs. 

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Hey @NewToItAll! Sorry for your situation. 

Can you describe your discharge? I know some women have discharge and they usually describe it as watery. 

I often have worsening of my symptoms after infections (flu for example) and had it after Covid infection too. This is not unusual since every infection cause your immune system to be super busy and than HSV use this to activate. As for covid vaccine, I've already read about people's testimonies about how covid vaccine caused outbreak. For some people every vaccine will cause outbreak and vaccination can be a trigger.

Are you taking any antivirals?

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Hello @NewToItAll!! 

I hope you are well. I am so sorry that you've experienced all these things!! Please know that you are not alone ❤️.

in regards to the vaccine and really any other type of introduction of stress to the body's environment, it's normal for it to trigger an outbreak. When the body is stressed, it is possible for an outbreak to be triggered. 

The discharge you mention is also common! Many people with vaginas experience watery discharge with outbreaks, especially if the outbreaks are internal. The vagina is an amazing self-healing and self-cleaning microcosm of bacteria, and in response to an outbreak, the vagina may produce discharge. If the discharge becomes colored, bloody, or foul smelling (or anything unusual) head to the OBGYN or doctor. You may have an UTI, yeast infection, or other bacterial infection. 

I hope this helps! 

Blessings and happiness to you!! 🌼🦋🌻 And, if you're in the USA or are American, Happy Fourth of July!! 🎆🇺🇲❤️


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