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Can HSV2 Spread Through Period Blood?

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TL;DR: I'm worried that I may have gave someone HSV2 through period blood because I had an outbreak two weeks prior to having protected sex. During the time of the outbreak I was constantly taking valacyclovir 500mg twice daily and by the time my period came on and we had sex, there were no more symptoms or signs of an outbreak. He used a condom and wearable condom at one time the first time we had sex. The second time we had sex he only used a condom.


Hello everyone, I am pretty new here. I have had herpes since 2018. I am a single woman and I was seeing someone up until this past Wednesday. The first time we had sex was about 2 or 3weeks prior to Wednesday and he had cut my clitoris area with his fingernails and I ended up having a really bad outbreak, almost as bad as the first outbreak but not quite so bad. Anyway, I was taking medication immediately before we had sex for the first time(probably a week or two prior) and even after we had sex, to clear up the outbreak. Fast forward to the week of July 31- Aug 6, and it's pretty much gone! No outbreak or symptoms. I don't see any sores or anything. So that following Saturday I got the bright idea to put a Boric acid suppository up there to make sure everything is good to go but then I started bleeding really bad and it basically kick started my period.

This past Wednesday we hung out and had sex, we ALWAYS use protection, and he always washes up afterwards. We had sex twice and the first time he wore a condom and a wearable condom on top of that condom, the second time he just wore a condom. After both instances he washed up very good and that was it. But then I started to overthink things even though I had been treating the initial outbreak with valacyclovir 500mg for around two weeks. When my "period" came on there weren't any symptoms of HSV2 and I had already been taking the medication so I was just wondering is it possible he could have contracted it through the period blood?

I cried very hard in the bathroom at his home at the thought of him getting it, and we broke things off mutually because I told him the stress of him possibly contracting it made me very anxious. He said I shouldn't have asked to have sex if I would be this worried about the risk but I honestly I just wanted to give him oral and that's it. Things just escalated very fast. I made sure I took every precaution I could, and even now, I haven't taken any pills because my body feels fine, usually there's tingling and I can't walk because my nerves get VERY sensitive. But I can run 3miles just fine now. I took pills for two weeks and even got a refill on a bottle because I took pills twice a day.

Today I tried to text him but he didn't respond and I just feel like shit honestly. Prior to us even meeting up I disclosed to him and he knew my status(this is weeks before we even had sex), I never kept it a secret from him at all. Now I feel depressed and sometimes even suicidal because I really just don't want to pass it on to anyone. I keep trying to contact him but I think he's scared he might have it as well. I don't know what to do now because he's not responding. I at least want to know that he's alright before we cut each other completely off. I just feel like shit. How long does it take to show symptoms? When I initially got herpes my symptoms showed the very next day. I hope he does tell me if he does or doesn't have it but maybe I just need to give him space? I apologize for this being so long.

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First, take a deep breath. Everything will be alright. ❤️ 

HSV does not live in body fluids. It is passed through skin to skin contact with an infected area when the virus is shedding. However, body fluids can act as a method of transportation, if that makes sense. The virus could transport via body fluids if the fluids wash over them, but they do not live in body fluids themselves. 

When you had the really bad outbreak after the cut on your clitoris, did you have sex while symptoms were still present (when you said 2-3 weeks prior to Wednesday)? 

The Boric acid probably didn't help, and it likely wouldn't do anything for HSV since it is an antibacterial (and HSV is a virus).  Also, I looked up the side effects of Boric acid and it can cause heavy bleeding for some women.

***** If you are still bleeding, go to an emergency room ASAP because the heavy bleeding can cause severe hemorrhaging. You also should call your OBGYN and update them about the bleeding from the Boric acid, and you should get evaluated by them as well to make sure there were no other side effects! 

I'm sorry that he wasn't understanding and you cried in the bathroom 😞. He shouldn't have said "then you shouldn't have had sex with me"... that's not nice and frankly he doesn't seem to understand the emotional stress that HSV can give someone. Also, you were upset for HIS SAKE! He should have been appreciative! Remember, the way people treat us is a reflection of THEM, not of us. 

I'm so happy you don't have any tingling or anything and that you can still run 3 miles (🙂 good for you!) 

If he ignores you, that's on him. You did your part being honest about HSV and caring about his well-being. If he chooses to be a chump, that's on him. Focus on your own health and well-being. You matter! ❤️ 

Reach out if you have any other questions or need any support. 

Sending blessings and prayers to you ❤️  !!!


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Thank you so much! Your post really made me feel a lot better. I'm going to call my OBGYN next week, I'm still bleeding but it isn't as heavy. Also, when I was having an outbreak and sores were visible we didn't have sex at all. He did ask to see the outbreak, I guess he was curious, and to me that was a teaching moment. But even then the lesions weren't BAD it was barely noticeable but I felt the bumps and lumps.

You really helped me feel a lot better about the situation at hand though. Thank you so much. I just didn't think he would get so cold after we were intimate, it just hurts. Plus we filmed some intimate things with my face, which I did consent to, but I didn't think he'd just drop me like that. I just got to learn to deal with/be okay with the consequences of my actions.

Some of the things he would say would make me feel like I was manipulated, like I had to prove myself to him, it was the weirdest thing ever but I will try to find a therapist soon. I'm sorry for all of the word jumble. I don't really have family to talk about this sort of thing with.

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Oh my friend, I am so sorry 🥺

It's great the bleeding isn't as heavy. If you feel worse or bleeding gets worse head to the ER. How many days have you been bleeding? Also, are you supposed to be getting your period around this time? Or do you think the bleeding came solely from the Boric acid? 

I am so sorry that he acted that way. That's honestly immature and just disrespectful. You NEVER have to prove yourself to anyone. You are perfect just the way you are, and if someone doesn't see that or is manipulative, that's on them. You can ask him to delete the videos of you guys, unless you think it'll make things worse. I've been in similar situations and it can be scary and anxiety producing to know someone has video or images of you. Most people, when asked, will delete them out of respect. However, there are some people who are just spiteful and cruel and asking makes things worse. 

Regardless, please know you aren't bad and you have nothing to feel bad about. You deserve respect and kindness and respect ❤️ and you will find someone who gives you that and all that you deserve. 

Stay well and be kind to yourself. Keep us updated about your health! 

Blessings and prayers ☀️💛 !! 




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Thank you so much for your replies, and it made me feel a world better about the situation at hand, if it is at all possible could this post be deleted? I took a picture of what you said and I am going to be less hard on myself from now on. I still try to educate people when I am approached, and I also try to disclose as early as possible.

Also, I hate that you have been in a similar situation as well, it is very nerve-racking to say the least and scary! I've learned my lesson now though.

My condition has ended up improving a lot, but I still will end up seeing the obgyn asap. I'm already in the process of getting therapy and I am going to look into getting regular body massages, either swedish or deep tissue, just to help with stress release. Overall, I would like to thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me.

Please take care! 🧡

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I am so happy that you are feeling better ❤️ 

Please feel free to reach out anytime! Be kind to yourself always ❤️ 

In regards to deleting your post, most people who use this site never actually post anything, and instead get their support through reading threads from other folks like you! 🙂 You would be helping so many others by keeping your thread. However, if you still would like it deleted, we can make that happen! Let me know what you would prefer! 

Blessings to you!


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