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Finally HSV-2 confirmed

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Hi everyone,

So I finally had a test taken and I’m hsv2 positive, and also got Epstein Barr and cytamegalovirus. There is no correlation between these last 2 and hsv2, right?

some questions, has anyone been successful not passing hsv2 to their partners without taking antivirals or using condoms? (Because my symptoms are always quite mild) Just by refraining from sex during symptoms or actual outbreaks, can you avoid passing it to your partner? I mean at least in a couple of years situation. I’ve had sex for 6 months or so, and just by doing that nothing happened yet, but I don’t know if I’ll continue to be successful. 

I recently had an outbreak, and just when it was almost healed, I got a whitlow in my index finger. And with that came some tingling in the genital area. But that area is completely clean. Is it possible to pass it via sex even though It went away very recently in that area? Or should I wait for the withlow to completely pass before having sex again (of course it’s covered)

Lastly, how high are the chances of passing hsv2 to my wife without any symptoms via oral sex? Anyone had that experience?


thanks you all!!

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My supposed whitlow looks like this, very mild. The thing is, it’s been in this same state for 5-6 days without any pain, or anything else. And it doesn’t look like the whitlows you see in google searches. Is it possible it is something else? (I’m talking about the 2 whiter marks in the finger, the rest is from the band aids)

And the weirdest thing is that I still have a tingling sensation in the genital area, but nothing visible there for over a week, so I don’t even know if can resume having sex! Help!



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Sorry for the late reply. I just started teaching, lol!

In regards to your test results, yes, EBV, cytomeglaovirus, and HSV are related. Epstein Barr, cytomeglaovirus, and genital and oral Herpes are all part of the herpesvirus family. Read about them and the herpesvirus family here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK8157/ 

It is possible that your finger has whitlow, however whitlow is often very painful. Do you have any symptoms on the finger besides the white mark? Also, does the mark have a head or a blister? It kind of looks like there is one small one but it is hard to tell.  Is it possible that it is a callus? Also yes, you are right, herpetic whitlow usually looks like classic blisters. 

If you are still experiencing genital symptoms, I would not resume sex. Sometimes even when we don't see sores, it is good to be about 8 days without symptoms before resuming sex. Sometimes the tingling can be from viral shedding, and other times it may be from nerve damage or irritation or from the skin having to heal from the sores. Have you tried taking antivirals to see if the finger mark goes away and to see if the tingling would go away? Did you take any antivirals when you had your last outbreak?

I hope this helps! Stay strong ❤️ !  Sending prayers and blessings of happiness and healing your way!


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Thanks Flowerteacher, no pain at all in this probable whitlow... just once I felt like two stings in the tip of the finger, and that was all... 

no head or mark in the finger. It never even looked like a real blister... so I'm guessing it could be just anything...

That's the freaking issue with HSV, you start looking at every little detail in every part of your body for signs... frustrating.

I never tried antivirals becasue in the first 2 OB the symptoms were very mild. I started yesterda y with Valtrax for the first time, although I know it is too late. But I'll take it for 3 days just in case.


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Yes, it may be anything. Stay hopeful and let go of HSV health worries. I know it is so hard not to hyper-focus on every blemish and bump, but know that you are safe ❤️ Your body is not dangerous and you are safe ❤️ 

It's totally okay that you took the Valtrex late! It's more of just taking it to see if it makes the finger mark go away. 

Any updates since you last posted?

Praying for you! ❤️ 


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After using the band aid that whole day, I took it off in the afternoon and both white marks (you can see in the picture there are like two distinct spots) were completely gone... so I guess it was something else... weird thing is that it remained the same for almost a week, and in less than 10 hours it was fully gone! Thanks for the advice!

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