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Anyone have sores on both sides??

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Hi all, 

I wanted to see if my experience is normal. For reference I am 37 year old female. 

I started dating my friend, in December last year. We slept together on drunken night and didn’t use a condom. It was near Xmas so I thought I would try and get STI test in the January as I know some can’t get picked up in the tests straight away. But I started having my first outbreak of herpes. I managed to get an appointment at the sexual health clinic xmas eve, where they confirmed it was herpes. Took a swap to get confirmation, which was positive for type 2. I was devastated, absolutely broke down daily with the news. I spoke to my boyfriend throughout this, he knew I was going through this and was fully supportive. He said to me, He hadn’t had anything like that…. I said they advised me it can be so mild you don’t know you have it,  He did say…He had a slight red mark on me, but didn’t look anything serious just like a small scratch…..when I told the nurse this she said….chances are he has it and isn’t aware. I advised him of this but he didn’t seem bothered, as it hasn’t effected him in anyway. I was directed to the HVA website advising me this is the best website, and not to go to any other site. I have found this website helpful, how ever I feel that I can’t relate to it fully, as I was having them so often. I was going only days without an outbreak. I was put on antiviral meds. Which worked and had no outbreaks or issues whilst on them. So, I took a break from them for a couple weeks to see how I got on. I am currently having another outbreak and it’s worse then what they were but not awful, but it’s different and now I am fully freaked out and upset as I can’t find anywhere in the world that seems to experience this type of outbreak. So I have a couple sores on my left side, on my outer lip, in the same place as always, That’s fine, I know what they are…..but on my right side underneath my outer lip are two small ulcers. These do not hurt the same as my herpes sores, they are flat, raw and sting if I touch them. My left side sores, hurt much deeper, small lumps and tingle.  Every where I have read all say you only get reoccurrences on one side. So what the hell are these?! I vaguely remember having a sore on right side during one of many outbreaks but didn’t pay full attention. In February I gave blood, and they test for syphilis, so this was roughly 6 weeks after having sex with my boyfriend (never had it for a few weeks after due to all my outbreaks) so it seems they would have picked this up during their routine test on my blood. Sadly I was due to give blood again this week but I have read you can’t give during an outbreak so I have had to cancel. I can’t get an appointment at my local sexual health clinic so I have ordered a home test kit which will also test for syphilis, hopefully I haven’t got this as well! 

does anyone else have sores on both side? Anyone else get general vulvar ulcers along side an outbreak ? I haven’t ever had ulcers on my genitals until this year, So this is all very worrying and I still haven’t come to terms with my diagnoses, and I am now having break downs and crying often. 

if anyone can shed some light on this I would be grateful 





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First, I don't think the new sores on the other side could be syphilis, because those don't sting nor hurt. And if after six weeks, which is the window period for that STI, the result is negative I wouldn't worry at all.

Second, on my first OB I got sores in the foreskin and a small one in the head.

In my 3rd OB, which got cured a few days ago, I got sores in the shaft, near the groin, so not even close to the original OB, So yes, I think it can be normal that you're getting sores in other places. Don't worry, it's a process and I think it hits each person very differently.


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Hi ingracold, 

thanks for the quick reply and your views, it does help for sure. 

When I contacted the website I was advised to only speak to, unsure where everyone is from, I’m based in the UK, and have only spoken to my sexual health clinic that diagnosed me, they advised GP won’t have same knowledge which I get, but this specific website should have all my answers, which has been helpful in some ways, and always quick to reply to me, but they just said it wasn’t normal to be on both sides, and that I needed to be seen by a professional. Again, UK resident who uses the NHS who has back log and near impossible to get an appointment. But I will try and make contact with them for a chat but thought I’d speak to people who have experienced this virus them selfs. 

so I do appreciate the reply. Thank you 

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I have GHSV1 (Which is know is a different type) but I had blisters and cuts on both sides of my perineum and I had lesions on my clitoral area as well.  I think sores can actually come up anywhere in the effected area.  

Are you taking any antivirals to help with the outbreaks?  I am currently on 500 mg Valtrex daily and it seems to be helping a lot. 

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Sorry for the late reply! 

I am so sorry that you've been struggling. Please know everything will be okay ❤️ 

Having sores anywhere in the region where you have herpes is 100% normal. Herpes in the genital region lives in the bundle of nerves at the base of the spinal chord. The nerve cells are long and extend and branch into the entire genital area, so if you have genital herpes, you can get outbreaks on the buttock, anus, genitals, and even thighs. Having outbreaks in new spots in the same general area is normal. For example, I had my first huge outbreak with sores inside my vagina and on both labia and on the mons pubis. My next outbreak was the labia, and the next was up near the bikini line area on the mons pubis.

I hope this helps! Hang in there ❤️❤️❤️

Sending prayers and blessings your way! 🙂 


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