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Tried a new topical - has helped

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I had a breakout 5 days ago.  No sign of healing,  the lesion I have is right on my perineum,  it turned more into a fissure.  Horribly painful.   Yesterday the fissure  was still open and hurt and so raw and sore.  I have hsv2.   My outbreak sores can last a week or more before even trying to close up.  

I have been taking Epsom salt sitz bath that I recommend. Can be soothing.  You can get Sitz bath on Amazon.  It is a plastic container that fits over the toilet seat.   It has been  helpful and much more convenient than hopping in the tub all the time.  

Also I am  taking L Lysine,  and oil of oregano. (I make up  my own capsule),  vitamin c.

I also  put topical  lemon balm  on the area.   But none of this has helped the sore to heal and close up.  And it's been horrible to sit and the stinging and burning is ugh.  

I looked on Amazon to see what other things I could try.   

****I  came across Terragen on Amazon.  And decided to try it.  It's a small tube and pricey at nearly $30 but I like the the  ingredients listed in it and the reviews seemed hopeful.  

As soon as that arrived  in the mail I went to put it on. 

 I can tell you it brought some soothing within minutes.    And today the sore is not Stinging when I pee,  so it's closing up.   It is an  improvement and bringing some relief.   I'm really surprised  and  very thankful.   It is no way a  cure and things are still  uncomfortable down below,   it's still tender to touch   and  I have achy pain in the area and  I'm still having tingling,  weird sensations and prodrome thing going on.  BUT the fact I can pee now without it stinging like hell is  a relief. 

I wanted to share with you to see if anyone else has tried Terragen?   




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I am so happy you are able to pee without pain! 

I have never heard of Terragen, so I looked them up. They are FDA-registered but NOT approved. This means the FDA is aware of the product, but it is not approved or certified by the FDA, so be weary and careful of products like this! 

The company that makes Terragen is called Aidance Skincare. I checked their website and it seems they are a private company that makes products based on homeopathic philosophies. Products are not FDA-approved, and I would ask a doctor before buying and using any products! 

I hope you keep feeling better! 🙂 Blessings to you! ❤️ 


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