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24 y/o Woman… trying to reach acceptance.

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When I tell you this blindsided me, you have no idea. I’m prone to frequent UTI’s, yeast infections, hell any infection (I am immunocompromised). So when I started feeling itchy last Thursday, I thought nothing of it, used monistat and thought I’d be all set. Then things got weird. The itchiness on my vagina seemed to subside a bit, replaced by a dull ache and a few little lumps that I attributed to the monistat cream. Then, I started to get throbbing pain near my anus. I thought I had a hemorrhoid! In retrospect, I realize that these are cues that will tell me where my outbreak may manifest. On Sunday, I went on a day trip to the beach and I could barely even walk. My vaginal area became so swollen, I took off my underwear under my dress and started praying that the pain would go away. Sunday night, I took a hand mirror and saw clusters of red bumps on my Vulva and anus region. This is when I knew I had some trouble.


In the last year, I got out of a 5 year long relationship, and have only had him as my partner. In the last few months, I have been monogamous with someone new, having sex maybe 5-10 times, somewhere in that range. Never had any issues after. So you can imagine my shock when I went to a GYN and she took one look and said “yup. Herpes”. I’m on Valtrex now, 10 day dose 2x a day. Today is day 2. I notice some easing of my symptoms. A lot of the blisters are weeping clear liquid, meaning they’ll scab over soon?? And one near my clitoris has already begun to scab.


is it true that the worst may be over? I slept only 30 minutes on Sunday night, and 3 hours last night. The pain was unbearable. I’m noticing with the scabbing I’m having more stinging pain, but less “drive you up a damn wall” itchiness and discomfort and burning. Little bit just like salt on a wound now with some inflammation and vaginal discharge. I am going on vacation on Saturday, it is Tuesday. Is it a good sign I am scabbing? I don’t want to relive what I did last weekend, walking through a city having to stop every twenty feet to breathe through my pain. 

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Hi there @Happygirl17,

I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. It sounds like this diagnosis came as a complete shock, and it's understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed and scared right now. But I want to assure you that you're not alone and that things will get better.

It's good to hear that you've started taking Valtrex and are already noticing some easing of your symptoms. While there's no cure for herpes, medication can help manage symptoms and reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks. It's also a good sign that you're seeing scabbing, as this means the blisters are healing and the worst may be over. However, it's important to continue taking your medication as prescribed to ensure that the virus is fully suppressed. The first outbreak is usually the absolute worst for most people, so it will only get better from here. 

It's also important to take care of yourself during this time. Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated. Wear loose-fitting clothes and cotton underwear to allow your skin to breathe. And of course keep abstaining from sexual activity until after all the signs and symptoms have subsided. 

As for your upcoming vacation, it's hard to say how you'll be feeling by then. Everyone's experience with herpes is different, and it's impossible to predict when you'll be fully healed. But the good news is that herpes is not a death sentence or a reason to cancel your plans. With time, patience, and self-care, you'll be able to manage your symptoms and live a fulfilling life.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to reach out if you need any more support or advice. You've got this.

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  • My mother is now in hospice with end-stage cancer, so I am at her house a lot these days helping where I can until she passes. Thank you in advance for understanding if I am not as quick to respond as I normally would be. This is a precious and bittersweet time …
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Hi all! 

An update for everyone. Trust the process with the antivirals. I’m definitely still not 100%, but I am now sleeping through the night, urinating without pain, and am just left with some residual pain and soreness/dryness. I’m on vacation tomorrow, and although I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for miles without breaks, I think I’ll be able to be present with my partner and enjoy good food and activities, and hopefully by the end my OB will be over. In some ways, it’s good to know the first is the worst, because I will only learn to manage it more from here. One bummer is no intimacy while on vacation… but there’s other ways to enjoy each other’s company! Rationalization and lots of self love and self care is what got me through this week! Best wishes to all 🙂

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