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Herpes prodrome and transmission?

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Hi friends,

I’ve had HSV2 for about 4 years now. I don’t take suppressive therapy but I have acyclovir and take it episodically whenever I start to feel a flare up. I usually get this around my menstrual cycle but it’s rare that I have an outbreak. I take lysine daily.

On Sunday, I noticed shooting pains in my leg so started taking acyclovir 400mg x 3 daily. The symptoms seemed to subside and I didn’t get an outbreak. I continued taking this for the next 3/4 days.

On the 4th day I had unexpected sexual contact with a male. No intercourse, oral sex and hands (please don’t judge me). Again, no sores and as I say, my prodrome symptoms seemed to subside. What do you think my risk of transmission is? I’m not really sexually active - I’ve not had a partner for a long time. I feel silly but I’m a little green to this and when I originally read up on the risk it seemed low but now im over thinking. To make matters worse, my prodrome symptoms seem to have come back since the event - I don’t know if the sexual contact and friction has worsened things. Any help or personal experience would be so appreciated. The evidence online is conflicting 

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Hey there!

No need to feel silly. We're all in this together. Let's try to ease your worries.

About prodrome symptoms and transmission risk: First off, prodrome symptoms can be sneaky. They might show up without actually leading to a full-blown outbreak. So prodrome symptoms alone don't necessarily mean you're more likely to transmit the virus.

So, you've been on the acyclovir train and noticed those symptoms taking a backseat. That's a good sign! Acyclovir can work its magic by reducing viral shedding and the chances of passing the virus, even if an outbreak doesn't rear up. 

Now, let's talk about your unexpected sexual escapade. No judgments here! We're all adults, and we've all had our moments of spontaneous fun. The good news is that the risk of transmission during non-intercourse activities, like oral sex and manual stimulation, is generally lower than with full-blown intercourse. So, take a deep breath and let that sink in.

I know the internet can be a wild jungle of conflicting information. It's like playing a game of "he said, she said" with a bunch of contradicting voices. But here's the deal: you're doing your best to take precautions, and that's what counts. Medication, communication, and using protection can significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

Everyone's experience with herpes is unique, and while it's helpful to hear from others, remember that your journey is yours alone. But know that many people have successfully managed their herpes diagnosis and maintained fulfilling relationships while keeping the transmission risk low. 

So keep that playful spirit alive, stay informed, and take care of yourself. If you have any more questions or need a listening ear, you know where to find us. We're here to support you through it all.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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