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My experience with SADBE 2%

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Hello my fellow HSV warriors,

I just wanted to share my experience using SADBE 2% which is Squaric Acid 2%. I came across this on another site and look into it. It has been general prescribed to treat genital warts. It act as an immunotherapy by triggering your immune system the produces certain antigens that have the effect of suppressing the HSV from reactivation. 

I just applied my second application and so far I have had a had very good results. I do not get typical outbreaks but I get nueropathy. I was dealing with burning, itching, nerve pain in my legs and genital area that was very annoying on a near daily bases. Just before I started SADBE I had a hit to my immune system after I took the Covid Booster. I was worried that I would be debilitated by the neuropathic issues as it flared up worse than before. My issues were getting a little better just before I started.

So it's been about 100 days since my first dose and my nueropathy is pretty much non-existant. I used have daily reminders of my HSV infection and now It hardly crosses my mind.

I definitely believe that the SADBE is training my immune system to respond to the HSV more effectively and keep it from reactivation. I believe if Pretlivir or IM250 get approved that in combination with SADBE 2% it could be close to a functional cure.

SADBE is not a cure or a miracle drug. It is an immunotherapy that can take time to work depending on your immune system response. Some people report very good results other marginal and others don't notice much effect.

I still think it is worth giving it a shot especially if you're like me trying to deal with neuropathic pain.

SADBE 2% can be prescribed in the US at a compounding pharmacy. I chose to mix my own which might be your only option if you live outside the US. If you are interested you can look up the Sadbe sub-reddit. On Reddit for complete information.

This is a relatively safe topical treatment but requires care in its handling and application. Some people have been using this for 6 years without issues.

Good luck to anyone goes down this route and I hope you find relief and reduced outbreaks. 

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I'm thrilled to hear that SADBE has been working well for you and that your neuropathy is pretty much non-existent now. That's fantastic news! It's amazing how finding something that brings relief can greatly improve our quality of life and reduce the impact of HSV on our daily experiences.

I appreciate your honest and balanced perspective on SADBE as an immunotherapy option. It's important to remember that everyone's response can vary, but the fact that you've found relief and a sense of normalcy is truly encouraging. Your mention of potential future treatments like Pretlivir or IM250 in combination with SADBE is intriguing. Who knows what advancements lie ahead in the quest for a functional cure?

Please do keep us in the loop about your ongoing journey with SADBE. Sharing updates and insights can be invaluable to others who may be considering similar treatments or seeking relief from neuropathic pain.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hey @mr_hopp,

I appreciate the platform that you have created here. It has been a place to find support, encouragement and learn how to cope with HSV but also thrive with HSV.

Since joining the HSV community I have been searching for answers and support. I also have tried to offer others the same.

I believe that some good news on the treatment and cure front is getting closer. It seems like there are so many different things being worked on. I just hope that I will be able to take advantage of them. 

I came across SADBE on another site and did some hunting and found out more info on it. I've tried different homeopathic treatments that may have helped in someway but I definitely believe that getting the immune system trained to react to HSV is something that can work. It can have varied results and not everyone responds the same but I definitely think that it is worth a shot. 

You have to do your homework as it is not as simple as taking a tablet or a shot. You have to apply it with care and proper dosage at the recommended intervals. 

After that you have to be patient and see if you get the desired response. 

I don't know what the long term outcome for me will be but having some measure of relief has been a blessing. I will keep everyone updated on my experiences. 

Thanks again for your support.


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