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GHSV1, What Worked For Me

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Hi all. Just some quick background - im a 26 year old female that has genital HSV1 (contracted after receiving oral sex from someone that didnt know cold sores was HSV, and to be fair i didnt know at the time either). This was quite a few years ago.


My first outbreak was horrendous, it felt like it lasted forever. I thought that GHSV1 shouldnt be too bad but it was. I got the worst sores and i used to cry everytime i peed. Walking was unbearable! It eventually went but I kept getting outbreaks atleast once a month for over a year and i had no idea how to control it! I did a lot of research and tried many things but here is what worked for me:




  • I started acicylovir  as supressive medication. The usual dose is 2x a day, but for a long time i felt like i needed 3x. So i took one every morning, afternoon and night. Eventually i decided i wanted to get on the recommended dose which is 2x a day. Instead of shocking my body, i took a couple months to phase out of it - so every 2 weeks or so i cut another afternoon dose out of my routine, until i got down to 2x a day. I dont have any science behind it - 2 doses didnt work at the start so i took 3x intuitively. Im not sure if its had any long term effects on my body. If i start feeling symptoms, i take 3x a day for a few days until that feeling goes.
  • I used to take 1 vitamin c tablet per day to help boost my immune system to be able to fight the virus. Ive gotten lazy but i should really continue doing this.
  • I take lysine 1x a day before bed. 
  • I used lysine balm on my sores (yes, on my genitals externally).
  • I sleep with no underwear or bottoms. I genuinely feel as if airing it out helps a lot. Unless im on my period ofcourse. Keeps moisture away from the genitals which keeps it away from bacteria. If im at home i will regularly spend my private time without underwear or bottoms even in the day.
  • Keep it clean - i go to the gym regularly and sweat a lot. As soon as i get home i have to shower straight away to keep my genitals clean. 
  • After a shower i will use a hairdryer on the cool setting and blowdry my genitals - again keeping it dry!
  • Keeping stress as low as possible! I work in Finance so you can imagine this isnt very easy - but i do try to be cautious as i know it can cause outbreaks!
  • Don’t over masturbate - this may be difficult for some people but the friction can cause heat and moisture and can lead to outbreaks. I find that sex is absolutely fine.
  • Around my periods i always had an outbreak. I found that the material of my pads were irritating me and causing me to have outbreaks (or they may have been rashes). So I switched pads - i used to use Always, but now I use Bodyform. The material is a lot softer.
  • Underwear - obviously when im out and about i need to wear underwear. A lot of people have suggested cotton but this never worked for me. I found that it made my privates really warm and irritated. So I switched to “No VPL”. Personally i find the material to be a lot thinner and breathable.


I cant think of many more right now but these are the main changes ive made in my life. I do get the odd outbreak here and there when stress levels are extremely high, but its rare. It may be because of the above, or just because overtime it is known that HSV outbreaks happen less regularly. Or it could be a mixture? Im not sure. But maybe some of the above can help someone else feel some relief! It took me a long time to find what worked for me and my body.


For anyone who feels nervous or anxious or worried that their life is over after being diagnosed - please dont worry. Im engaged and getting married in 4 weeks to someone who has been so kind and caring and loving about the whole situation from the day i disclosed it. He asked lots of questions about it to learn more and i was open and honest and factual. Good people do exist out there i promise! In the meantime, focus on yourself. Work on loving yourself and you ll find someone that will love you when the time is right.


Best of luck and hmu if anyone needs any help at all x



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Thanks for sharing what works for you, @Pips33, welcome! Great to have your positive perspective and helpful attitude here. And a big congrats for your upcoming marriage!

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Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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