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Weird health issues after just finding out I'm HSV1 and HSV2 Positive

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I recently found out that I had HSV1 and HSV2. I noticed that there was discoloration on the head of penis and what appeared to be a rash underneath some of the foreskin of shaft.  but had no pain, no blisters, no burning sensation when urinating. I went and got tested and came back positive for both HSV's. HSV 1 IGG was 1.46 and HSV2 was 2.2. Still in disbelief I got the Western Bot test and that also came back positive. I've never once had any blisters on gentials but I've had dry lips and cracks but never any sores. Then I got red bumps that just itched, like a rash, all around my waistline, then underarms, then legs, then back of legs. My nose is also dried out and I have 2 red patches on my forehead, one on each side, that peels, but again no sores or blisters. I went to Derm and got samples he collected off bottom of my feet for biopsy but got nothing back on that. I almost think that maybe I've had HSV1 and HSV2 awhile but maybe never had any type of outbreaks. Derm said it was prob a bad case of eczema. Took Meds and it cleared up alot but then the red forehead and dryness came right back. I took the lab test myself and didn't disclose that I have HSV and would feel alot more comfortable talking to a doctor more that specializes in this. Other than knowing that I'm positive for it, which has me pretty depressed right now, I don't have any of the usual symptoms. I don't think there has been any cases of western bot being a false positive but it truly doesn't feel like I have HSV. Has anyone else had these kind of changes? I first thought my penis discoloration problem was balantis. Its literally been 3 months and I still have discoloration of head and shaft. Some days it will be a someone normal color and then a few days later it will be darker red. This is driving me crazy, could this be a misdiagnosis and something else? I can post the ones of my penis as well if given the ok. 






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Regarding the symptoms you've described, herpes can manifest differently for different people. While some may experience the classic sores and blisters, others might have milder symptoms or even no noticeable outbreaks at all. It's possible to be asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms, so your experience isn't unheard of. And Western Blot is the gold standard for herpes blood tests. I haven't heard of any false positives or negatives with WB.

Now as far as if that rash is herpes, if it is, that would be a atypical presentation as far as I've seen. If I had to guess, that rash is something else and your herpes seems to be asymptomatic for now (20% of all herpes carriers are asymptomatic, FYI). The best way to get an answer as to whether that rash is specifically herpes is to get it swabbed. It sounds like the only area that was swabbed was your feet? If that was an outbreak, then swabbing it should pick up enough virus to be detectable on a PCR test. Perhaps reach out to our friend Terri Warren to see if she's seen anything like that?

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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She’s just as confused as I am. I under some symptoms are milder which I’m happy for but it’s been like this for some time now,  almost 2 months. Was maybe curious if anyone else had these same puzzling OB’s, if that’s what it even is. 

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