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Herpes - just before the outbreak

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So I've known about having HSV2 for over 20 yrs now...  I am almost a pro now when I sense an outbreak coming...

Right now, I'm currently in the middle of a Prodrome phase which usually lasts me a good 2-3 weeks before it's complete...  But each time

it comes on, it's a little different...  It usually starts like this-

- poor sleep one night...

- followed by fatigue, tired all day, perhaps dizzy..

- depressed/anxiety...  increase in pulse

- back pain/sore muscles

- feeling of wanting to sob/cry


   Once that all happens... then it's this burning feeling from behind the legs that comes down to the heal of the foot...

Then that's followed by a pinch when peeing...  Once that all happens... on comes an outbreak...  (which only happens 1/2 the time.)


   But the outbreak is the easiest part cause you know it's the end of the drama... 

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Hey there @protacotaster,

It's quite the journey you've been on (it's been a similar length of time for me, too!), and it's impressive how in tune you've become with your body's signals. It sounds like you've mastered the art of recognizing the prodrome phase and being ready for what comes next.

The way you describe it, it's like a script your body follows, though with some improvisations each time – poor sleep, fatigue, the whole emotional rollercoaster. And then that burning sensation, like a not-so-welcome encore, making its way down your legs and ending in that pinch while you pee. It's like your body's way of giving you the heads-up, "Hey, here comes the main event."

It's understandable that the outbreak itself might bring a sense of closure, like the final scene of a play. You're right, it's almost like your body's way of saying, "Okay, the show's over, we've done our thing."

Keep being a pro at deciphering the clues your body gives you. It's amazing how adaptable and resilient we become in the face of challenges. And hey, thank you for sharing your experience here – it's an eye-opener for many, a glimpse into the intricate dance between our bodies and this virus.

Wishing you all the best in navigating these phases and finding your own unique ways to handle the drama. Stay strong and keep those positive vibes flowing! 🌞💪

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Well thank you Mr.Hopp.. Very kind of you... yea you have been on this roller coaster long enough I'm sure to have had some of the same issues as I...

And just how you put it... when that actual "outbreak" occurs... It's almost a celebration for the mind (for me anyways) that this has reached it's end...

What I've learned about all this from the years of dealing with it and from reading this website, is this is a patience game... This "Prodrome" part can be lengthy and cause sadness, depression, anxiety... It's the real deal... It's great that there are websites out like this one...  Seeing all the other people in this forum and reading their stories on what they've gone through as well.. A lot of them are very strong people dealing with this over and over again...

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