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Does anyone get a 'cool' feeling in their chin or on a side of their face that is between cool/heat/burn?

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I opened another post to ask a different question and I don't know if this is that phantom 'nerve' pain another poster mentioned.   

While there is a high chance I had HSV-1, most likely, the fact it was extremely problematic getting acyclovir / Valacyclovir to do anything, as if my body was resistant along with my complaints of tingling / cooling / heating / burning sensations right of my lips and even on my face, as well as down into my chin, has my physician wondering if HSV is really what it is.  In about a week, I'm going in for follow up bloodwork to check my white blood cell count which was a 3.3 (scale is 4 - 10.5). Historically, I've always been either low/mid 4s or high 3's so my PCC isn't too worried but definitely wants it up. I've started taking the ABCDE vitamins to help. My father is deficient in B12 and my sister has been with iron, so they are going to test both of those. They are also going to test for my HSV antibodies and said if they are negative, they question the original HSV diagnosis.  

Those sensations I mentioned I basically felt them about 10 days in to my lips showing blisters, and the best analogy I can think of is a stove top spiral heating up till it is red...a specific area of my right upper lip "felt" like it was glowing red (it wasn't), but I'd feel a more general heat/tingle/cool sensation in my cheek and even up to cheekbone and chin. So this continued for the next 15+ days I was on valacyclovir.  I was also on cephalexin (antibiotic) during this time as well and the PCC had me stop both of them. Over the next 4 days I started feeling better and even 'normal', with those sensations all but going away.   Today, they came back a little bit, more in the chin and a little bit in the right side of the face, but if the previous ones were a 7/10 in scale, these are closer to a 2.  Lips look normal, albeit still a bit dry (and it's been cold here which doesn't help).  The PCC suggested I see a dermatologist due to the sensations I was getting and to consider the possibility it wasn't HSV due to the nature of how it started in one corner of the lip, then went to another, then the middle, then my lower limp was swollen. It was just not the typical pattern they see with HSV. 

My googling hasn't helped me either with the face / chin sensations.  Cancer, Lupus, MS, Cerebral Palsy, etc... and the low white blood count along with these potentials is concerning...I'm really hoping I see that count on the upswing when I get that blood test. 

I did have whey protein today...and I can't recall if I got the sensations prior to consuming it or not...but tomorrow I'll not have any and see how I do.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Riveting Ted Talk @worrieduser42! 😉 

Your approach to getting follow-up bloodwork and consulting a dermatologist is a solid proactive step. Sometimes symptoms can be challenging to pin down — a lot of Venn diagram overlaps for sure! — and it takes a combination of tests and specialist insights to get a clearer picture.

The sensations you've described do sound unusual for herpes, and it's good to expand your view to explore various potential causes. While it's good to stay informed, remember that Dr. Google can be a paranoia monster and lead you down a rabbit hole of worry! Sounds like your healthcare team is on the case and will help ground you.

The symptom diary idea is excellent. It can help you track patterns and possibly identify triggers, which could be valuable information for your healthcare peeps.

I know waiting for answers can be tough, but hang in there. Keep communicating openly with your medical team, and hopefully, you'll get the clarity you're seeking soon. Keep us updated! 

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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