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Lumps in back of throat

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Two weeks ago i deep kissed a woman and she tested an confirmed she has hsv2. She claims that she has never had an outbreak genitally or orally at all. i do not know if her hsv2 is Oral or Genital, although i know oral hsv2 is rare.


two days ago i found out that i have these lukos in the back of my throat. They do not hurt at all. Could this be HSV2 herpes in the mouth? Could she had transmitted it by kissing?f190f839-988b-488a-8157-c24182bd26f0.thumb.jpeg.429c77c4963ec43d8f852adc42047848.jpeg

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If the lumps popped up after a kissing encounter and you’re concerned about HSV2, let's lay down some facts. Like you said, oral HSV2 is rare. It's predominantly associated with genital infections and it's pretty uncommon to find it causing oral issues. But, in the spirit of keeping an open mind and considering all angles, if she had never had an outbreak, the risk of transmission would generally be considered lower.

These lumps you’re talking about—since they’re not painful, they might not be herpes-related. There are a bunch of other reasons you might find lumps in the back of your throat, ranging from benign cysts to reactions to an infection.

Unfortunately it's impossible to diagnose this with a forum chat, and neither can I (especially since I'm not a doc). Your best bet is to check in with a doctor about it. They can assess what’s going on, maybe run a test or two if they think it’s necessary, and give you the peace of mind you're likely looking for. Might involve a throat swab, which isn't very comfortable, but will give you a definitive result.

And just a side note—keep an eye on your stress levels, too. Stress can sometimes cause or exacerbate symptoms, especially in your throat. Try to take it easy while you're sorting this out.

Stay proactive and get it checked!

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Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I have the same thing happening!  I was diagnosed in March 2023 with HSV2 and never had an OB, like you I know OHSV2 I'd rare but this is the only part of my body that "feels" different.FOR MONTHS I only went to the doc for a regular STD check no issues of concern. I got test last week because my throat got really red still no pain. Hopefully I'll have a answer. I know this isn't an answer but if I can remember I will let you know what the doc says!

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