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Consistent outbreaks

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I was diagnosed with HSV2 about 4 months ago after contracting it 5 months ago. While I luckily don’t get severe outbreaks or sores (usually a small red bump) it seems to constantly be active, especially in the past month. I always have the prodrome symptoms of either tingling, burning or it feels like something is dripping sometimes. I’m not sure why it’s been more active and shedding non-stop in the past month than the months prior but it doesn’t seem to ever go dormant. 

Does anyone else deal with this? If so, any idea what could be causing it to always be active? I’m wondering if there is an underlying infection or bacteria that is causing my immune system to be in overdrive, causing the virus to be more present. I also get more tired when I do get a visible bump. Anyone else? Any tips or recommendations would be super helpful! 

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I completely relate to this. I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 about 5 years ago and it was relatively dormant all these years. Suddenly about 6 months ago I got an outbreak that has been active until now. The itching is unbearable and I think that has slowed down or impeded my recovery. I feel the tingling and then itching and dripping too. Last night I was woken up in the middle of the night with itchiness. When i checked my underwear in the morning, there was a big glob of thick yellow pus. I'm wondering if it got infected. I wish I could have a solution for you as I am struggling with this myself. If it helps, mine started right when I got sick with Covid so I was immunosuppressed. I also have been pretty stressed out the last few months, but honestly I think the big reason is that I keep scratching. I heard that 8+ hrs sleep, taking zinc, vitamin b super complex, and lysine helps. I am now giving up chocolate for the next two months to see if that helps clear up the outbreak since it's full of arginine and has ben linked to enhancing the virus's ability to replicate and infect our healthy cells. 


Have you talked to an OBGYN about this? Curious if so what they said. I am feeling desperate and considering seeing one. I can't take this anymore.

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Hey @JJlove and @ashleytiffania,

I totally get where you're both coming from. Constant outbreaks are tough, and it sounds like you've been dealing with a lot. JJlove, the ongoing prodrome symptoms sound frustrating, and ashleytiffania, that middle-of-the-night itching sounds pretty unbearable. I'm so sorry! 

Both of you mentioned factors like stress and possibly being immunosuppressed. They can absolutely trigger more frequent outbreaks. The idea of cutting out high-arginine foods like chocolate might help, as arginine can fuel the virus. And @AlliKat12's question is a good one. Have you tried antiviral meds? They can cut outbreaks by up to 80% (check out the free handouts here for more helpful data), offering some relief and potentially reducing the virus's activity. 

Keep up with the sleep, vitamins, and maybe give those antivirals a shot if you're up for it. Hang in there, both of you.

This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I’m a health coach so I live a healthy lifestyle in regard to what I eat and I take vitamin c, zinc and lysine every day. I can try to cut out chocolate and nuts for 30 days to see if that helps but I think it’s deeper than that. I think there’s something underlying that’s causing consistent prodrome symptoms that I’m going to explore by getting labs done. I work with functional doctors to try and get to the root cause so I’m going to test for any type of infections or imbalances in the gut. 

As far as the antiviral, I take if I actually get an outbreak for 3 days but I’m not on it daily. I’m trying to avoid it for now as any medication can complicate certain systems in the body and I’m of the mindset of getting to the root to fix the issue and hopefully that will help suppress the virus. If I don’t get anywhere, I may have to take them daily but trying other routes for now. 


@ashleytiffania unfortunately, the OBGYN has no advice besides taking the antiviral. I’m going to see an infectious disease doctor in March so hoping she has some more answers. 

If anyone else is the same way and has found a way to holistically manage their symptoms, please let me know! 

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@JJlove I wanted to hop on here and give an update as we are both in the same boat of trying to resolve this. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the prodrome symptoms and recurrence of sores is due to something hormone or sex related. It's been a week and my sores and symptoms have been clearing up. I was actually sick the past week so I'm pretty surprised, maybe my immune system got stronger fighting another active infection or perhaps getting more sleep and rest helped. But one interesting takeaway is that I have had my period over the past week and have refrained from sex. I wonder if the hormone cycle may play a role in development of sores/prodrome symptoms or maybe the friction from sex. 

Aside from that, I have added vitamin d to my supplement list and continue to abstain from eating chocolate and arginine rich foods. I have not taken any antivirals as I too agree that I'd rather holistically treat the issue than load up on medications that could damage my kidneys.


Let me know what the infectious disease doctor tells you, I'm hopeful there's a long term resolution to this that's not just antivirals related!

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The sneaky virus has a million years head start. It is smart otherwise they would have a cure. It plays hide and seek and its better than Bigfoot. The only way to stop the itching that keeps a constant reminder I have this horrid bug is to take generic Valtrex. It works. I have been on it for 28 years with no kidney or liver problems. Give it a try it does work or try acyclovir that is a weaker not as harsh anti viral that was a precursor to valcyclovir. 

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