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Good Evening....



WELL... It's Friday evening.... I have had a couple of glasses of red wine and here I am about to post because I have been thinking about my situation all day and feel the need to share. First and foremost I would like to say a VERY special THANK YOU to @simplyme24 - You are an absolute gem of a human being and if I have anything to say about this situation it's that I am thankful for YOU and our new found friendship. *Smile* For those of you that don't know me on the forum just yet... I am HV & I "only" have Oral HSV 2. Now most of you would think that I would be happy about my situation but truth be told I just can't set it a side. It plays on my brain constantly & my anxiety is through the roof! That really is the WORST part about this entire situation... My throat has completely cleared up, I have a VERY low chance of seeing an OB ever again, especially since I have been under complete stress and anxiety since being diagnosed and miraculously haven't had a recurrent OB. I just can't stop feeling sorry for myself. It's like REALLY... All of this for giving a blowjob? I fell into the 1-2% of people that end up with Oral HSV 2. Not to mention I was naive enough to think that giving a blowjob is "harmless" I mean WTF I'm 27... Was I not taught ANYTHING in sexual education?!?! or did I really just think that I am invincible?


I haven't seen anyone else post on here as of yet that has Oral HSV 2 in throat but I am optimistic that someone else will eventually show up (not that I wish this on anyone) just hoping that someone else who does have it will come forward.... Or maybe they won't? Maybe Oral HSV 2 is really not that big of a deal and that people that are diagnosed with it don't really feel that they need all that much support? I have read others stories on here and believe me when I say that I feel for each and every single one of you. I admire everyone's courage for even coming here and wanting to be educated and support each other through this journey. It's for life! This is for life! and I pray every night before I close my eyes that our generation will see a cure for this disease and if not I pray that each and everyone of us will at least find peace within ourselves and be able to move forward through this journey we call life.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!





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Thank you for the kind words HV! They mean so much as we have been traveling down a journey together! You are so gorgeous inside and out and I know we will be long time friends from this!


We all thought we were "invincible" with the aspect of "that'll never happen to me. But the fact is that it did happen! It doesnt make us who we are or limit us. It is just a stupid skin condition that only WE know we have. I know you are a strong woman and I know you will get thrrough all the anxiety. Remember...god never takes you to things he will not pull you through :)

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