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Thank you from a Newbie...

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I had my first outbreak 3 weeks ago, and was diagnosed 1 week ago. I know who "gave" it to me, but he is AWOL. We used a condom but then he took it off and got rough and scared me and I kicked him out. Thankful that he left, but he left me with this. What concerns me is that 1) He knows he's infected and did this deliberately (his behavior that night tells me he doesn't mind hurting people) or 2) He doesn't know and is out infecting other women. But I can't contact him- I have tried. I guess that is out of my hands, which is frustrating. I just hope he doesn't do this to anyone else.


In the meantime, my outbreak was rough. It was difficult to walk because of the blisters and also had major leg pain. Also had the flu symptoms and was very depressed. I'm finally starting to feel "normal" again.


On a positive note, I am SO thankful to have found this site. Just reading other people's stories/concerns/questions and accomplishments make me feel less alone. My first thought was that I can't tell anyone, and that nobody will ever love me. That thought is still there, but getting weaker.


To my fellow newbies - I understand. I am scared too and have SO many questions. To those with more "time" - thank you for being here for us.

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Serenity, On behalf of all decent men, I seriously hope this guy has a bad run in with a piece of farm machinery. Guys like that aren't men, remember that. Now, just as a thought, if you can't contact him...call his mama. I guarantee you she'll have a li'l chat with Jr.


That first OB is a son of a gun. It sucks. They get better. My 2nd and now 3rd Yay! are extremely tame. Barely notice them.


We're thankful you found us, too. You're far from alone, and sadly, there are a lot of stories like yours. And, like you, I used a condom and, well, they don't always work, do they? It's enough to make you want to call the folks over at Trojan and demand that li'l disclaimer be written a little larger on the box.


You'll find someone. You really will. The world is full of good people, it just takes time to find the one who will love you, respect you, and do everything in their power to protect you.


Don't be scared. Herpes really isn't that bad. Like you, I was bejesus scared for the past couple of weeks. Crested a hill yesterday myself and the valley below is really beautiful.


And, you'll always have questions. We all will, and do. Remember, we're not here for you; we're here with you cause this is a team effort.

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First... Welcome! Glad you found your way here and that we have been able to help.


Sounds like you at least got him out of your place before things got a lot worse. Scary. And not alot you can do if you can't trace him.... right now you have to look after YOU.


We are here to answer your questions... a great place to start is






and here




And know that while it may be scary now it WILL get better....



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