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  1. Hello! Sorry for the delay in replying... life have taken me away from here (and will continue to do so for awhile so my replies will be sporadic) It takes a lot longer than a few weeks for antibodies to build up so I'd ignore this test. If you were going to a GP, STOP. GP's are not (IMO) the people to go to for our private parts. Especially women (unclear if your are a woman or man..LOL). The fact that they gave you meds with no symptoms tells me they have no clue about the HSV virus anyway. Sadly many doctors are woefully misinformed and/or behind the times with the protocols. If you a
  2. Thank you so much for the information. I think the doctor was very disappointed with her and in return didn't test for the type. If the Dr was "disappointed" in your daughter I'm glad you are looking for another Dr. Please get her to an OBGYN or Planned Parenthood. She needs someone who is up to date on the latest info and who realizes that H is an incredibly common STD and that it doesn't mean you are "less worthy" if you get it. It just means you lost the crap shoot of having sex .... and it's not her Dr's place to pass judgement. I assume the Dr was a PCP/Family Dr? If so, they can
  3. So glad that our previous threads and discussions helped you to get to a place of relative peace so quickly! I haven't been on much in the last 6 or so months because of some family/life stuff but I try to peek in at times, and it makes me happy when I see that my comments are still helping people. You may or may not get 5-6 OB's a year. Herpes is a fickle thing. That's one of the most frustrating things about it... you just can't tell how YOUR body will deal with it. And yes, you will survive, thrive, and find love .... as a 35+ yr carrier who basically has had it my whole sexual l
  4. Yes, but you will have to CHOOSE to come out of the darkness at some point. As I said elsewhere, right now, it's normal and even "healthy" to go through this part. Odds are H is bringing up insecurities and unprocessed negative experiences and beliefs from your past. So try to be patient with this part of the process. But honey, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what YOU make of it. So you can choose to believe that this is the end of the world for you, or you can choose to use it as a growth experience where you explore the feelings this is bringing up and then work to find ways to
  5. So - if you are finding that your anxiety levels are fluctuating around the proposition of acquiring H, why don't you find other ways to get yer freak on? That could help you to continue to grow the relationship until you know, without a doubt, that you are at peace with the situation. And it will create one heck of a great foundation for you to fall back on if you ever have kids and need to keep things spiced up. LOL :)
  6. The longer you wait the harder it will be to tell... at this point if his results are below .9 he's either negative or hasn't built the antibodies and if he's not a lot over odds are he just got it. No use getting the IgM as it's notoriously unreliable... but the IgG would give you some clarity. And if he's a higher number like you are, well, then he can't blame you either as neither would know who gave it to who... tho as I said elsewhere, given your time frame between sex and OB, odds are HE gave it to you ...
  7. There are no cures for herpes. Perhaps there are some studies and **potential** cures, but nothing out there on the market. Anyone who says they can cure herpes are selling snake oil. It's possible they have ingredients that help to suppress the virus so people stop having ob's and believe they are cured, but they could still be shedding.... and odds are you can get the same ingredients for a lot less from your local health food store.
  8. @Triumph Hello, Welcome, and Sooo glad you found us! I'm a 35+ yr veteran of HSV2 and I've had HSV1 oral since I was about 2 or 3. To my knowledge the only person that I gave H2 to was my ex hubby, when I didn't know that I had it ( I like many didn't know my "yeast infections" and what I thought was rubs from sex were outbreaks). I had several sexual partners before him (got H from my first sexual experience.... *sigh*) who I don't believe got it (no one ever came back to me about it) and I've had several since, including two 3 yr relationships... no condoms ... and I used suppressi
  9. @Mar1212 Hello! Well, sorry this didn't get answered and I expect that you have had your baby by now ... but I would have told you that at this point you just plain have to let the professionals help you figure out what the best route is when you go into labor ... yes they should look at the cervix for any lesions and if there's anything suspicious then a C-section is in order. It's a shame as most Dr's put carriers on Acyclovir for the last month to keep this from happening. In the future make sure that the Dr gets you on them for the last month... AND know that you can have a V-Bac
  10. @Parsley Hey there! Just a FYI - I have a client who was married 30+ yrs before she had her first OB ... brought on by the stress of the Christmas holidays... it's so hard to know exactly *which* stress will bring on an OB in a long time asymptomatic carrier.... but as a Massage Therapist I would say that the stress of the betrayal of your husband cheating on you is one hell of a huge stressor that will be draining your body's immune system more than just about anything out there. So it's very possible that even with all the other stressors you mentioned, that you could have had it a
  11. @Sassyhart First - hello and welcome! Glad you found us! So - right now the only one here judging you is yourself... and that's pretty normal at this stage of your diagnosis because our society doesn't educate us well about the facts when it comes to sex, STD's and HSV in particular. Quick note about me: I got HSV1 oral as a child (60% of young children get it from other kids in childhood... I was maybe 2 or so when I first got it). I got HSV2 on my FIRST sexual experience at about 17. Talk about shitty odds, eh? I'm ...well... lets just say I'm well past 50
  12. So the question was whether this stuff would cause the OB? I'm guessing no. BUT, given that it's relatively new, who knows. You would need to find a total breakdown of the chemicals and see if it has a high amount of Argenine in it. I just did a quick google and can't get that info BUT also be careful that the one you bought isn't cut with other stuff like HCA... which is a way that some of these places will make it cheaper ( the stuff that is by the best companies won't be cut with anything other than possibly Potassium to help absorption) The "good stuff" will probably cost you close to
  13. @whoknew Hello and Welcome! The thing is there's no "right" time to disclose (as long as it's before sex) and we all do it at different times and different ways. I've also disclosed early (even had it on my dating profiles when I was active) and like you, had men contact me BECAUSE OF my honesty, even if they weren't sure what having H meant. Some wait till there's a real solid connection hoping it will keep the person from walking. Personally I think if they are going to walk, they will do it no matter when you tell them. When someone disappears
  14. Best thing when you have peeing problems is cool water over the area when you are peeing or even better, get into a bathtub of water or the shower and run water over the area... it keeps the urine from sitting on the area and keeps the bacteria down. Right after, pat the area down, spray with Bactine (it's the same thing that's in Oragel Single Dose, and a LOT less expensive) then pat the area dry,, followed by drying the area with a blow drier if possible. Do everything you can to keep the area cool and dry (go commando if you can ... skirts are your friend ladies!) ... that helps dry th
  15. That's what we are here for! Spreading GOOD, RELIABLE information and support. So I'm going to give you some links below to give him. On top of that, you may want to suggest that he come on here and ask people who live with it what the facts are. If he's too shy or thinks we are "biased", Westover Heights has a great booklet too... I'll add the infor below. They are a clinic and he can even call and talk to a Dr there for a small fee. Hope this helps! http://projectaccept.org/who-gets-hsv/ Handouts + disclosure e-book: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/
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