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Just diagnosed with herpes! Questions! No insurance so can't speak to a dr

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I was dx the other day at the ER I thought I had a cyst that needed to be lanced...dr said no you have herpes and whoever you had sex with within the past 2 weeks is who gave it to you. I have had the same partner for 13 months (boyfriend) I have never seen anything on him and he says he's never either before me.. I am 27 years old extremely healthy and this is an initial outbreak for sure. What is the chance it was a previous person vs my current partner? He is not really detesting that he gave it like the ER DOC told us--i am just asking because I am reading a lot of these "exposed to herpes and 13 years later I broke out" are usually from people much older than me or people who are married (are they lying? Did they cheat on their partner?) I am just confused on this transmission thing...oh btw I am female.

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Hello and Welcome!


So the answer is ... who knows? Yes, either of you could have been carrying it for some time - I have a client who had her first OB after 32 years of marriage. ER doctors and nurses are often really behind on Herpes info (they have MUCH bigger issues to keep on top of) so they often give out "old" information.


Your best bet is to go to Planned Parenthood - they can give you a sliding fee and let you make payments... I had a $300 bill reduced to about $125 and I paid $25/month.... just tell them you are uninsured and need sliding scale and payments. They are much better equipped to deal with STD's and they will be much more informed. I would get both you and your BF tested ... he may not have it and then you would want to get on the anti-virals to help reduce his risk. If you both have it then it's no biggie and you would only take them if you needed to for bad/painful OB's. If you still have the blister then PP may swab it so they can tell you if its H1 or 2.


One fallacy that most people believe is that they will "see" the OB on someone if they have Herpes. Fact of the matter is many, many people NEVER have an OB (men are more likely to fall into this category because our hormones often cause and OB and we have thinner skin in the area of many of our OB's.)


Either way, this is an entirely livable issue and while it will take a little bit to get used to it, it's really a nuisance skin condition in a really awkward place.


Read these handouts (and print them out for your BF and to take with you to PP) and come back if you have any questions... :)






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