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New to all of this and have questions

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I just found out I have herpes earlier this week. I am pretty sure I know where it came from and it was 2 years ago. I've come to terms with it but I was just confused about some things. This is the first time I have ever noticed anything so I didn't think anything about it when the pain started, I thought I had scratched myself, but I only had two symptoms, which was pain and 2 sores. My gynecologist said it didn't look like herpes but she tested anyway. In the past I have noticed slight itching that would only last like a night but I switched detergents and it stopped so I never thought anything about it. I didn't think my immune system was that strong to hold it back for 2 years. Both me and my boyfriend have been faithful and he seems pretty relaxed about it.


Either way, has anyone ever experienced only having 1-2 symptoms or the Valtrex getting rid of it after two days? I think he wants me to get a blood test or retested like it was a false positive. He has never had symptoms. Thank you.

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First - welcome to our Forum. Glad you found us :)


The bottom line with Herpes is it's a slippery devil that doesn't play by any hard and fast "rules" or symptoms. Some people never have a single outbreak or prodrome (pre-outbreak symptoms). Some people's bodies struggle for a year or two to get the virus to settle down and go into dormant spells. The majority who have an OB will have one or two, maybe 3 OB's and then the body starts to gain the upper hand. And some respond to Valtrex very well and others can't even take it because of the side-affects.


There are so many things that could be the reason for the difference from one person to another: Stress levels, hormones, diet, age, other illnesses/diseases, sex (women seem to "suffer" more than men because of our delicate lady parts), sex (rough sex causes some to have OB's), exposure to sun (for some), and likely (tho I have not seen studies, I'd place a wager on this and I'm not a betting person), genetics... they have found some people fight off HIV better than others because of a particular gene in their DNA so I'm guessing that the same could be for HSV.


It would be a good idea to see if your BF has it - if so, you have no worries about giving him "more" herpes. If he doesn't then the 2 of you have to decide if you are going to take measures to try to keep him from getting it.


And good for your BF for being so cool about it. Sounds like a keeper ;)




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We're probably going to discuss it all this weekend and do some research. It was only surprising because I have been in the same amount of stress for at least a year and I got it after my period, which I've been getting regularly for a long time. Nothing new had happened to me, maybe a little more stress and I've been trying to eat healthier. He's had no symptoms and we've been having unprotected sex for over a year and a half so I want him to get tested just in case. I guess genetics would be a thing because my mom has HSV1 and I don't really see her with cold sores. Maybe both of our immune systems are strong. He definitely is a keeper though!

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Actually - one thought - in winter we wear a lot more clothing... the warmth and retained moisture may have been the last straw... impossible to tell.


If you are going to "research" stay off Google images and the Yahoo groups - many boards out there are full of negativity and inaccurate info.


These printable handouts and ebook may help you out a lot...check them out:






Disclosure e-book:


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Some people get blisters, others a rash, and others it feels more like a papercut... which can't really be shown in a photo. Some just feel itchy. Some get it right on the genitals and other on the butt crack. Some get 1 sore and others have large blistery OB's ... again, there isn't one way it presents :(


Good for you to try diet and lifestyle changes...many actually attribute their healthier lifestyles to H on here :)

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