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Are these herpes symptoms?

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Can someone help me? About five months ago I had unprotected oral sex with a guy that I have known for about a year yet I had protected sex with him on the same night. This is not my boyfriend whom I had for over 9 years now. (Long story but I found out that he was cheating on me etc, etc! So I showed him two could play that game). In order for the guy to ejaculate he took the condom off and rubbed his penis onto my cliterois. About five days later I started experiencing a tingling, pain over top of my lip yet with no outbreaks. About a two weeks after that I started to experience pain in my vagina area. It started on one side of my vaginal lip and then on both sides. I went to my Primary Care Physician twice and to see the patient first doctor who all told me that if it had been herpes that it would be spread all across my face by then. Then I went to my GYN doctor who said the same thing to me. She also did not notice any legions or red spots. Needless to say, I am constantly looking at my vagina area as well as my lips to see if today will be different, yet I see NOTHING!!!! None of the physicians that I saw thought that I needed a test but instead thought that it was my imagination for having slept around on my boyfriend. Now I am still here experiencing the same or worst pain but NO outbreaks. I have no trouble peeing and I have no sores on my upper lip. What could this be?

Could someone please tell me if this is normal?

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Oh, I also forgot to say that I have had these symptoms just about everyday for five months. My relief may be for a day or two maybe three max and then back to the tingling, pain itching etc. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend because I did not think it was anything. He has not said anything about having any symptoms either.

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First - welcome..


I went to my Primary Care Physician twice and to see the patient first doctor who all told me that if it had been herpes that it would be spread all across my face by then. Then I went to my GYN doctor who said the same thing to me.


WTF???? are you freakin KIDDING me???? What country do you live in??? PLEASE tell me this isn't in the USA???? SMH...


OK - vent over..


So, I can't tell you for sure what it is... there are various fungal and bacterial things that could be going on in addition to Herpes. The "good" news is that with it being 5 months now, you should get a definite result with a blood test for Herpes... but I would also get checked for Bacterial Vaginosis and other female ailments...


Maybe try Planned Parenthood if you are in the USA.... they are used to dealing with this. And FIRE YOUR OBGYN and Family Dr. Saying you would "get it all over your face" it the biggest load of crock going. Yes, you *might* get oral Herpes (likely the HSV1 variety... but then again, you could have had that since childhood)... but it's very, VERY unlikely you would get HSV2 oral - and its not likely to go "all over your face".


Go to PP and ask for a FULL STD assay for everything ... they usually do sliding scale and you can do payments for the balance. And see if they will swab for any other bacterial/fungal issues while they are at it.



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Hi WCSDancer,

You all are extremely polite on this forum. I really appreciate that. Anyway, I went to the GYN at least two times as well and the first time she told me that I probably did have it since so many Americans do. (SMH) The next time she stated that she agreed with the doctor at Patient First who said that if I had it then it would be all across my face. She examined me for the second time then examined my lip since I was experiencing the discomfort over top of my lip. Both times she stated that I was fine because herpes was not that settle. For about a month, I was going to every doctor on the planet who all stated that they could not visably see anything. I asked my primary care physician if he could give me a Igg test (since I had researched this on line) too which he appeared insulted and actually asked me what kind of Igg test. I saw him twice and just stopped wasting my money.

Yet, I have a few additional questions. I have been reading that after a year the symptons actually leave; therefore is this the case with what triggers the systems as well? For instance, I LOVE sunflower seeds yet once I eat them I immediately start to feel like something is going to happen. Also, with the medication, does it really make you feel that awful?

I am so disappointed that I waited until I am 42 to get my first veneral disease. So many emotions. When I first thought that I had it I was so depressed. I lost so much weight but after not seeing any signs I begin to believe what the doctors were saying. I then decided that I would just have to deal with it. Now I am being faced with it again, I am not sure how I feel. How do I tell my boyfriend because he still does not know that I slept with someone else?

Oh, another question, you stated that I could not get HSV2 from oral? Does this mean that from oral sex I could not have gotten HSV2? This is confusing to me since he did not actually penetrate me without a condom. Could I have gotten it from his rubbing his penis on my cliteros?

I am so sorry this is so long! I really appreciate your clearing this up for me. BTW...I am n Maryland

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It's very very rare (less than 1% of Oral Herpes) to see HSV2 in the mouth from ANY activity. If he had the cold sore virus (HSV1) on his lips or genitals, then you might have got it from that.


And honey, a condom doesn't protect you from Herpes if they have it on the pubic/scrotum/thigh area.... so even without his taking it off and rubbing you there's a chance you might have got it from him anyway.


Go to Planned Parenthood.... they will set you straight.


As for the BF - Honey, you made a mess... you got to clean it up. It NEVER pays to play the "two can play this game" game.... you need to get a definite diagnosis (don't go into details with them - just say you were with someone 5 months ago who you found out later *may* have herpes and leave it at that) and ask for the blood test ... and you need to let the BF know. If you come up H+ he needs to get tested too....

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