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Hsv1 Positive since childhood, opinions?

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I'm 24 and recently tested positive for hsv 1. I had no idea I was a carrier being that I've never had an outbreak in my 24 years alive. Likely that I received this in childhood as my mother and aunts have had cold sores.

What I've learned since the news broke is that herpes outbreaks/shedding decreases with every year since initial infection.

I'm trying to gain info for my girlfriend as she's is clean for everything including hsv and I don't wanna give her genital herpes.

She's aware of my condition and talked to her doctor about it and what he basically told her was that considering I've had it for so long and have had zero outbreaks, my immune system has learned to control or completely suppress the virus and she would probably be okay however he didn't want to tell her that there was no risk whatsoever.

His suggestion was for me to take antivirals which I do currently (800mg of acyclovir)

I guess our issue is we're still a bit scared, especially when it comes to oral sex. Antivirals don't completely prevent but they help immensely so there's still that gamble.. Can I never give her oral sex again?


Can someone shed some light on this? Am I even contagious considering I've had it so long and never dealt with anything? Does shedding even occur for people who have never had initial breakouts?, thoughts, opinions facts?

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First - Welcome...and good for you for doing what you can to become educated about your Cold Sores ...


Not sure if her Dr was an OBGYN or Family Dr.. (I'm guessing the latter) ... because the risk, tho small, is real for her getting HSV1 genital from Oral sex.... 50% of all new Genital Herpes cases are HSV1 from Oral sex.... most of the "givers" have likely had the HSV1 virus from childhood and like you never known it (and were never tested for it). So although you may shed *less* now, you can still shed 9-18% of the time... and there is no way to know if/how much YOU are shedding. Every person is different and there are no studies that I know of that specifically test people for shedding after *x* years with the virus.


The anti-virals will cut it down by about half.... and being very aware of any changes in your lip (that you may have ignored in the past...itching, tingling. paper-cut sores, etc) and just abstaining on those days for safety will help a LOT.


That said, don't abstain..just be VERY careful ... over time odds are you will both become more relaxed with the whole idea... and if she DOES get it, know that HSV1 usually doesn't cause a lot of problems down below after the initial OB's...it really isn't crazy about being there and will go and sulk in a corner and not bother her much, if at all once she develops the antibodies to it ....


I've had HSV1 since I was a child, took antivirals for my last BF, gave him plenty of oral, and we were together for 3 yrs and he's H- to this day to my knowledge ;)



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