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confused ... need to wait for another herpes outbreak to get tested?

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Hello all, I had a really bad sore tongue last July 2013 and a red itchy rash on top of my wrist. I went to the dr and she said I should rinse with peroxide and gave me a cream for the rash. In January 2014 I got soreness and tingling on my left side of my vulva and a bump appeared the next day. It turned into a pink sore then was gone in 3 days. I called to make an appointment with my OB/GYN but they said I need to come when the bump is fresh so they can swab it. I called Planned Parenthood, and they can do a blood test for HSV2 only.


I have not been intimate since my divorce 5 years ago. My ex remarried and has children now. I have not heard of any H issue. Recently, I have been very stresses out. The only thing I can think of was right before we split up I rushed him to the doctor for sharp pains, and he ended up having kidney stones which passed. Also, he stated having a dark brown discharge in his semen. He went to the doctor and they told him it was a blood vessel that broke. They gave him a container to collect his urine for 3 days, and he did, but nothing was said. He did suffer from very high BP. I do not know if the kidney stone had any thing to do with an out break.


This is stressing me out so much, and people are noticing that I am not myself. I am not eating. I stay inside all the time. I no longer talk on the phone like I use too. Last, I cannot sleep. When I am sleeping, I am having severe panic attacks. Thanks so much for listening.


I have been encouraged to see how positive you guys are and it does help :)

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First, Glad you found us.... and welcome!


Personally I am not at all convinced that you have Herpes, but to put your mind at rest, go to your OBGYN and ask for the Herpes blood test (It's called an IGG test) right now. You have had plenty of time to come up with the antibodies, and you will get your results within a few days or a week at most.


Your Ex's symptoms were typical of Kidney stones and not at all for Herpes.


The sore on your tongue wouldn't be Herpes - it doesn't affect the inside of the mouth - that was likely a canker sore. The rash on your wrist was likely something like contact dermatitis .... not herpes. The bump on your vagina could well have just been a nasty pimple ... again, doesn't sound like a typical Herpes OB. So get the test done to put you rmind at ease. *IF* you are positive for HSV1, odds are you have the cold sore "version" of the virus on your mouth and you likely got it as a kid, along with 60% of the population, so no need to sweat that.... you would just have to be careful about oral sex. ;)


Get that test, and in the meantime... BREATHE. You are really overthinking this and whatever the result, you will be fine...take it from a 35 yr veteran :)



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@ WCSDancer Thanks! I feel better. I guess since I got the irritation and then bump, I connected it to H. I have gotten them several times before after a bubble bath or wearing anything like panty hose and nylon panties. I guess I am somewhat confused about an outbreak; it just seemed so much like one. Oh, my ex did have HSV1 because he use to suffer with cold sores all the time. I am feeling so much better now.


I appreciate your positive energy!!!

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