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Lysine Tablet Success?

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Hi, all!

I've been searching the web for a few days now, after having my third OB. I didn't catch it early this time and it's blistered and it's horrible. BUT, I found this website, saying that Lysine can help suppress the virus.


For those who aren't super biology nerds like me: Herpes has nine proteins, one of them (protein VII) is arginine rich. To my understanding, lysine is an opposite to arginine and so it will help to counter these arginine rich proteins being make.

During this research, I discovered that arginine is found in most of the foods that people have found trigger their OBs (eg, chocolate and some nuts - mainly peanuts).


So I was wondering, has anyone tried the lysine therapy? I'm thinking of trying it, as it's not very expensive and will only cost about £30 a year, depending on where you get the tablets from and what bulk you get them in. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried it with success or failure.


Oh and another thing, I'm considering taking a specialism in viral infections at university. I will find us a cure for this, or something that will stop OBs full stop.


-Leanne x

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I tried it many years ago and it did not seem to help. BUT, I recently found out that 1500mg a day is what you should take. I was probably only doing about 500mg. It won't hurt for you to try. Many people believe in it.


Good luck on finding the cure. If you are successful you'll be remembered in the same breath as folks like Jonas Salk and I'd say thats pretty good company.

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There have been a LOT of conversations on here about Lysine. Try the search button on the upper right to see what others are saying.


Certainly it's worth a try. Some Dr's swear it's useless, but many who have used it claim great success. I'm guessing that, as @ihaveittoo said, many have not taken a large enough dose. Only issue I wonder about is long term ramifications at that (1500 mg) dose.


It seems that each person's body deals with the virus differently - where one will eat a small amount of a trigger food and have an OB, another can eat copious amounts of the same food and be ok... so I'm guessing that how each person's body processes the L-Lysine would be different as well .....


I'd love to hear anything you may discover about Lysine ... and the H proteins and anything else that might interrupt one of the other proteins.

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Thank you all for replying.


@ihaveittoo, i'm sorry that it didn't work, but thank you for sharing your story with me c:


@WCSDancer2010, i will check those out. i'm trying to do as much research as i can, without the use of a lab, as i have no access.


if there is a silver lining to me finding out i have this, it'll be that i'll discover something about it that'll change everything. or at least i hope hahahaha


-Leanne x

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