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First year with the H.

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Short answer ... yes ;)


We humans may have an "advanced" brain, but we are not trained well how to command it ... so it will run amok if you give it half a chance. Try to find things to keep you and your brain busy, and read through the success and inspiration stories on here if you need something to give you hope/encouragement. Start a Gratefulness Journal. Help out someone who is worse off than you are. Don't let H run your mind .... it's just a nuisance thing you have to live with .... you've made it through a year ... celebrate THAT!



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I've been trying to find things to keep my mind busy from thinking any negative thoughts, it's a bit hard but I'm trooping through! At the end of the day I am grateful for what I have and what I don't have, and somehow thinking of that brings my mind at ease.


Thank you.

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I think the Gratefulness Journal may be good for you ... even the small things are worth making note of. Most of us have plenty to be grateful for and it's easy to allow one or two negative things to become the focus of our attention ... and what you focus on, persists... so focusing on gratefulness will help to produce more awareness of the good, so you can deal with the bad ;)

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Some advantages I have realised about Hsv are:

1. with hsv, you effectively learn to control your emotions

2. with h, you strive to stay as healthy as possible which you wouldn't have done without h. ( and non-healthy life style and carelessness is killing those without h)

3. If you got h through immoral life, u have a better moral life now and more time to think positive and plan better.( That sounds a bit painfuly true, but it is a very positive thing.) You will fully realize that when you are settled with it or when a vaccine comes around.


So in itself, I think it is an opportunity.

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So true .... there are so many things to learn ... what I see here a lot are:


Patience and Empathy with yourself and others


Developing healthier relationships (not just sexual ones) that you know you can disclose to and not fear their judgement


Developing Healthy Boundaries


Learning to love YOURSELF


and sooo many more!


I have to just put this out there: To say "If you got this through an immoral life" could be seen as a judgement. Perhaps a better way to frame it would be "If you got H because you made an error of judgement you will make better partner choices and have the conversations about STD;s that we all should be having". There are many reasons why someone might have a different sexual life than what you may agree with ... we try to keep this place a "sex-positive" zone where people can openly talk about their situation and we don't infer or suggest that what they did was "wrong" ... we are just here to help them to learn from H and move forward ;)


Glad to have you with us! You seem to be on the right track as far as understanding that you have the choice to learn from H rather than allowing it to become something that keeps you from living life!





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