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blood test reliability

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So I went to my gyno yesterday and had my pap test done so since it was my first time there he ask the routine questions what diseases what medicines are you taking? So I said I have herpes and i take the anti virals he seemed suprised so he asked me how i was diagnosed. I went on to explain that when i went in for my general check up i also requested to be tested for stds and that the test came back positive so she(my primary doctor) gave me a prescription for antivirals. He asked if I ever had an outbreak and if she had perform a pap smear I said to to both. He told me i had been misdiagnosed and that i didnt have herpes. That if he were to test everyone in his office everyone would be positive but that didnt mean we had the virus. That only a pap smear could tell me wether or not i had the virus and i should have never been prescripved any antivirals without further testing. He said all the test saw was wether or not we had antibodies in our system against the virus but didnt mean we could infect. This is the same gynecologist who gave birth to both my younger brother and my nephew he has had his practice for 40 years. He told me that everything checked out with him and that i should stop taking the antivirals but im scared i dont know who to believe anymore and im afraid that if i stop taking the antivirals ill have an outbreak and show symtoms. Ive never had so much as a rash or anything in my genitals and i just took the test as routine, i went online but i show 50% towards blood test being effective and 50% as not effective so now im extremely confused. So I need help I dont know who to believe and i want anyone with experience in this to give me advice towards what your experiences have been. Take into consideration i have had bad experiences with my primary doctor over misdiagnostics and so has my mother she ordered and unnecessary biaopsy and gave her some medicine that sent her to the hospital and it was all just to charge the insurance she even suggested that my mother remove her ovaries and could give her no solid medical reason.

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