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I cried...and then I found your site.


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Hi ya'll,

I was officially diagnosed with HSV2 approximately a week ago after going to the urgent care clinic with the belief I had a yeast infection. The doctor did an exam and noticed what appeared to be a blister, she did a swab and told me to sit up. She then said she was almost 100% sure it was herpes but we'd need to wait for the test results to come back in a couple days. She asked me if I'd been feeling ill lately and I mentioned that I'd been extremely fatigued but I chalked it up to always being anemic and I'd had muscle soreness but I chalked that up to working out more. I started to cry and asked her how this could happen; my fiancée and I had been together for two years and neither of us had ever had any symptoms. The doctor listened to me cry and the nurse looked at me with a nice mix of pity and disgust. The doctor asked the nurse to leave the room and then she wrapped her arms around me and told me she'd had it since she was 19 and was now 57 and could could her outbreaks on one hand. She said she was married and had kids and that living with herpes hasn't stopped her. She assured me that the virus could lay dormant in my body for years and it didn't mean my fiancée or I were unfaithful. She even provided her personal number and said if my fiancée had any questions he could contact her. She gave me a prescription for antivirals and told me to follow up with my regular doctor. My fiancée knew I'd headed to the clinic that day and kept texting me and calling and was worried I wasn't answering and I was so terrified to tell him, I thought for sure he wouldn't believe me and would leave me. I thought if I could avoid him for a little bit longer that would mean he would still love me for a little longer. Well eventually I couldn't hold off and I finally answered the phone, I didn't want to tell him over the phone but he works 4 hours away so I had to tell him then or hold it inside for another week before seeing him. I started sobbing uncontrollably and just let it all out; telling him what the doctor found and what she thought it was and how it could lay dormant. I waited for him to hang up or tell me he couldn't handle it...instead he said "I don't understand this completely, it's just going to take time for us to figure this out but whatever happens its you and me baby, we're in this together. If you have it I probably do too. This doesn't change anything, I love you and still want to make you my wife. Stop being silly, stop crying, tell me you love me, and lets figure this thing out." I have never loved him more and I know I am so blessed to have him. He was the strength I needed.


So the next day I began reading everything I could find; sending him links and articles and he was doing the same with me. I found your site and I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the wonderful infornation and support you give to all the members. It helped to ease our minds in those first few days. My fiancée called me after going through your site and said "so everybody makes a big deal about this herpes thing because of some blisters? That's just stupid." So we took to re-naming it THE h to remove some of the stigma associated with the name and it's truthfully brought us closer together. I coming to the end of my 10 day cycle of antivirals now and I had hoped we would be safe and he wouldn't develop anything but yesterday he noticed a rash which turned to blisters. He will be going to the doctor on Monday to get a prescription for antivirals as well.


I'd like to say that the acceptance of the diagnosis made it bearable but that would be a lie. I had the most painful blisters, urinating hurt, showering hurt, walking hurt. The sharp tingling/stabbing pain in my groin and thighs and butt was unbearable, and I am so happy that this outbreak is almost over and I survived. It has to get better from here on out right?


As for where I got it I can't say for sure, frankly though it doesn't matter. I could go crazy thinking about who gave it to who. For now I'm just trying to stay positive and reduce the stress as much as possible and be healthy.


Thank y'all again for all the love you send out into this world through this site. Wishing you all health and love and happiness.

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Hello and Welcome!


So glad you found us!


How beautiful that the Doctor took the time to hug you and let you know it would be alright. For most doctors (and likely that nurse that you believed was looking at you with "disgust") they can't understand why people get so upset because they see it every day and to them, it's just a nuisance skin condition in a really inconvenient place. So they usually just hand you a script and send you on your way while you are still shell shocked. One thing that I'd love to ask of you ... can you send this Dr our information? It would be great if she could pass on this website to the newly diagnosed!


Sounds like you have a great man there too .... and how you are weathering this together is beautiful.



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Your fiance sounds just like my wonderful boyfriend :) Very similar situation happened with us. Except I found out after exactly to the day a year after we started dating. We have no idea where it came from. And I still always wonder from time to time, but I know that will do me no good since I probably will never know. However, I believe in my heart that he did not cheat on me and I know I didn't cheat on him. I work in a huge medical building, one of the facilities is the obgyn, so I'm close with the doctors there. The one midwife told me her friend was married for 10 years and she had an outbreak. Saying that they were both faithful to each other. So that definitely gave me hope. I'm so happy that you have such a wonderful man in your life!!!

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