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grooming practices helping spread?

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I was just pondering odd things the other day. I noticed that my OBs tend to be on my left testicle and the bumps are rather small, so small that it this were the 70s they wouldn't be noticed. It got me to thinking about our grooming habits today and if they could be helping to spread herpes. Almost everyone shaves down below nowdays and that in itself causes nicks but also a day or two later there is stubble and it can be irritating also. While no fan of the southern jungle I wonder if we traded ascetics and a loss of habitat for crotch critters (pubic lice are on the decline in north America due to deforestation of their biosphere) for a higher chance a obtaining herpes. Discuss.

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In a word.... yes. Or another word.... definitely.


Now, I got H with my first sexual experience in the 70's... but I never had anything close to a "forest" for starters .... more like a sparse thicket...LOL ... and mine is more in the area of the vulva so I don't think more hair would have saved me. But in YOUR experience, a nice thick buffer of hair *might* have saved you (especially if you wash right after so that the virus couldn't sit in a nice, warm, moist thicket looking for a way in).


Most certainly, shaving nicks and irritation from waxing makes a gateway for the virus to get in.... and the deforestation on a carrier makes it a lot easier for the asymptomatic shedding to get enough contact with the other person's skin to gain entry.


Also, look at when asymptomatic shedding was finally "discovered".... as genital hair got shorter more people got it from someone who didn't have symptoms and researchers finally realized that something else was going on.


It's another thing that needs to be added to the Public Education when we get there.... simple things like being careful to not have unprotected sex (and have a clear conversation beforehand) if you have ANY chance that you nicked yourself or if you are irritated from your recent waxing *might* save at least a few from getting the virus. I don't think there are any studies about how much shaving increases your risk ... it would be interesting to see if there *is* something out there though :/

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@ dancer, so I have yet another reason to hate my razor. I only started shaving down there as a lark to my exwife ( while we were married) but she liked it so much and showed her appreciation that it became common practice after that ( who says men cant learn, just need the right motivator). a nice full 70s manfro down there and I might not have got H? well fudge! live by the sword........

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